[Theorycrafting] Wild Giants Evenlock

Class: Warlock - Format: wild - Type: midrange - Season: season-77 - Style: theorycraft

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

You always, no matter the match-up, look for Mountain Giant in your opening hand. Usually Even decks rely very hard on their two drops and while this deck can be the exception, having something to play on three while also tapping is strong, especially if that buffs your spellstone

Aggro Mulligans

Vs tall aggro decks, Mountain Giant is still very relevant. Vs Secret mage it eats Explosive runes in it's entirely and leaves a body behind. Defile is extremely good against Pirate decks, Hellfire is good against most wide aggro decks. Kanrethad you only keep with Vulgar homunculus for a medium tempo swing 

Control Mulligans

Against Control you want to get your giants online as soon as posible. Tap aggressively, drop Wrathguards and Homunculuses and get ready to start dropping giants on 3/4 and this is where Raise dead truly shines, Even if what you get back is two 2-drops it's a net +1 in hand advantage and extra pressure against your opponent for them to waste their removal.  


Just messing around with Even Warlock which I believe has gained a lot of powerful new tools in the new expansion. Along with the overall slowdown of the meta and Reno Priest’s inability to deal with small tall boards early on the only thing that seems to get in the way of Even Warlock is Quest Mage which has a stranglehold on the entire metagame anyways. 

Assuming Quest mage gets nerfed finally, I expect this deck to at least be tier 2 strong and capitalize on a strong devastating early game to then keep vomitting giant threats on the board. 

For the deck options the 2 usual giants that make the top end threats, with the added consistency of the new card_link name=”flesh Giant[“] which gets discounted early on every time the one mana hero power gets used or by playing  Vulgar Homunculus. By soul tapping on one, on two, and then playing homunculus and tap on three that’s already a 4 mana discount, very similar to what the Mountain Giant  moreless costs around this time. 

Raise Dead  is a card i want to try maybe even at 2. Not only does it charge the Lesser Amethyst Spellstone  and discounts and flesh giant but if used early on it can give back some giants that were played on turns 3 and/or 4, while also adding a card to the hand to keep mountain giant and abyssal summoner  consistent.  If the meta is too control heavy I’m expecting the card to be amazing at 2.

Lorekeeper Polket is here because cards in your deck are rearranged with their total base cost, not their discounted costs, so it will just put the two molten giants at the top, followed by mountains and flesh giants. Probably not an excellent play on curve all the time but when timed correctly can be very strong.

One Brittlebone Destroyer to mimic what Vilespine Slayer does for aggressive Rogue decks, don’t think more than one is ever needed but who knows. Maybe Spellbreaker is better if Cubelock becomes popular.

Defile is good against the casual pirate deck or to kill all the one and two health minions combo warlock plays, to deny early Plague of Flames set-ups. Darkbomb can make for a decent-ish card removal but it’s there mostly for burst damage, just like hellfire. 

I’ve opted to not run the dragon package as I feel they are better against aggro but I’m eager to also try a version with dragons and zeraku 

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