Paradox Boomsday Deathrattle Hunter (Top 100 Legend)

Class: Hunter - Format: raven - Type: midrange - Season: season-53 - Style: ladder

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Hello there,

My name is Paradox_HS. I am a British Hearthstone player currently playing for Vexed Gaming. Today I present to you; my Deathrattle Hunter deck I recently entered the Top 100 of Legend with. 

The strategy of the deck is relatively simple. You start off with a relatively slow early-game curve (Ideally with Prince Keleseth to buff the rest of the minions in your deck) and then as time goes on you crash down on your opponent with more powerful mid-range style threats including Savannah Highmane and Kathrena Winterwisp. Using the Zombeasts created by Deathstalker Rexxar to finish your opponent, or else to act as a defensive buffer against aggression along with the Giggling Inventor and Saronite Chain Gang.

Do you wish to see more deck guides in higher quality than this one? Be sure to check out where I will post decks I do well with in more detail!

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