Infinity Rinlock feat. Glinda, Baleful Banker & Gnomeferatu – Witchwood Post Nerf!

Class: Warlock - Format: Raven - Type: Control - Season: 51 - Style: Ladder

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Deck Import


The general concept:

This deck aims to burn down the opponent, using a control Warlock core that utilizes Glinda and healing taunts to survive and not run out of cards in the late game (as you will be tapping quite a lot, as usual).

Your game plan:

1. Play it like any control warlock and tap a lot until you find Rin

2. Use the healing taunts to contest the board and use your removal every time the opponent seems to win the upper hand

3. Use Rin to burn the opponents deck – if you need to heal, you can for example play 2 Seals and then use Sacrifical Pact as a better Dark Pact on the smaller of the two demons

The additional tweaks to this deck allow you to…

1. …not run out of cards, even if you have a severe card disadvantage. Just assume the opponent for example silenced or MCed Rin – by keeping Glinda and Baleful Banker in your hand until you run out of cards, you can play Glinda and copy her and then the Baleful Banker himself to go infinite. The combo is exactly 10 mana, leaves 2 minions on the board and you always have a turn inbetween as it puts two cards back into your deck each time you play it.

2. …counter Taunt Druid ( which is expected to be a hard matchup, cycling quickly through cards anyway) by using Tinkmaster to spawn another beast on his side of the board while taking care of one Hadronox or Cube at the same time. It will dilute the pool of beasts to revive for Witching Hour!

3. …burn insane amounts of cards without having to quest for Azari by playing Gnomeferatu 5 times in one turn, so long as you manage to find a turn in which Glinda sticks (can be used in combination with the Glinda + BB combo described above in your free turn inbetween. If you are BR Gul’Dan by this time, you can also contest the board quite a bit with 2 minions ready to attack and your hero power on top, even though you can “only” play 4 Gnomeferatus then. These boards will also clear quite a lot of minions in combination with either defile or Lord Godfrey, as Baleful Banker has 2 Life and Gnomeferatu 3, effectively guaranteeing 3 ticks for 6 damage when playing him the next turn.)


This is the first build of this deck, so I am probably going to optimize it a fair bit. I could imagine exchanging one of the Rotten Applebaums for e.g. Skull of the Man’ari or a necessary tech card as the meta evolves, such as Ironbeak Owl. Maybe even just for a Tar Creeper for mana efficiency when used with a Seal and the hero power.

The most important part!

Have fun with this deck! Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed or hated the deck and why that was the case! Same goes for substitutions you made and how successful you were with them. I always aim to improve my deck building skills and can use your feedback – Thank you!

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  1. Nope
    June 1, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    I recommend brewmasters with godfrey. Multiple godfrey clears is obnoxiously good whenever possible.