Galakrond has Hacked the System!

Class: Warrior - Format: dragon - Type: midrange - Season: season-68 - Style: theorycraft

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A fun little build that may/may not work. The obvious idea here is that you use the various invoke cards of Galakrond to help your Quest along as they give you attack. With this in mind you can complete and trigger your quest A LOT faster and can even use Galakrond in the late game for a final push with his INSANE battlecry. Now of course, this deck WILL definitely have to be improved as we don’t know what the meta will look like so we may need more more tech cards like Dragonmaw poacher or more survive ability with cards like like Armored Goon and Brawl. For now tough, I just went for the Quest Warrior version that I had the most success with in Uldum, that being the Bomb Warrior version of the archetype.  This makes the deck very midrange like, whilst using value generators like Blastmater Boom, Sul’thraze and Galakrond as a way to make a few more pushes in the early late game (think like Zul’jin in midrange hunter). If you want more explanation on how the deck will work leave a comment or something as I need to revise and have little time to explain every card inclusion and deletion in detail but hey, have fun with the deck if you happen to glance upon it.   

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