Mana Cost








Name Class Rarity Type
Abyssal Depths
Draw your two lowest Cost minions.
Demon Hunter Common Spell 4
Acolyte of Pain
Whenever this minion takes damage, draw a card.
Neutral Common Minion 3 1 3
Draw 2 cards. If you play both this turn, draw 2 more.
Demon Hunter Common Spell 3
Draw 2 cards. Costs (2) less for each Treant you control.
Druid Rare Spell 5
Alliance Bannerman
Battlecry: Draw a minion. Give minions in your hand +1/+1.
Paladin Common Minion 3 2 1
At the end of your turn, draw 3 cards.
Mage Legendary Weapon 6 0 3
Ancestral Knowledge
Draw 2 cards. Overload: (2)
Shaman Common Spell 2
After your hero attacks, draw a Pirate from your deck.
Warrior Legendary Weapon 3 2 2
Ancient of Lore
Choose One - Draw two cards; or Restore 5 Health.
Druid Epic Minion 7 5 5
Aquatic Form
Dredge. If you have Mana to play the card this turn, draw it.
Druid Rare Spell 0
Arcane Fletcher
Whenever you play a 1-Cost minion, draw a spell from your deck.
Hunter Epic Minion 4 3 3
Arcane Intellect
Draw 2 cards.
Mage Common Spell 3
Battlecry: Draw a Secret.
Mage Common Minion 2 2 3
Arena Treasure Chest
Deathrattle: Draw 2 cards.
Neutral Common Minion 4 0 4
Axe Berserker
Rush. Honorable Kill: Draw a weapon.
Warrior Common Minion 4 3 5
Azure Drake
Spell Damage +1. Battlecry: Draw a card.
Neutral Rare Minion 5 4 5
Draw 3 cards. Deal 3 damage to your hero.
Warlock Common Spell 3
Balinda Stonehearth
Battlecry: Draw 2 spells. Swap their Costs with this minion's stats.
Mage Legendary Minion 6 5 5
Barak Kodobane
Battlecry: Draw a 1, 2, and 3-Cost spell.
Hunter Legendary Minion 5 3 5
Battle Rage
Draw a card for each damaged friendly character.
Warrior Common Spell 2
Big Ol' Whelp
Battlecry: Draw a card.
Neutral Common Minion 5 5 5
Black Cat
Spell Damage +1 Battlecry: If your deck has only odd-Cost cards, draw a card.
Mage Common Minion 3 3 3
Blessing of Wisdom
Choose a minion. Whenever it attacks, draw a card.
Paladin Common Spell 1
Bloodmage Thalnos
Spell Damage +1. Deathrattle: Draw a card.
Neutral Legendary Minion 2 1 1
Whenever you cast a spell, draw a minion from your deck.
Shaman Epic Minion 7 4 8
Bonfire Elemental
Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, draw a card.
Mage Rare Minion 5 5 5
Book of Specters
Draw 3 cards. Discard any spells drawn.
Mage Epic Spell 2
Branching Paths
Choose Twice - Draw a card; Give your minions +1 Attack; Gain 6 Armor.
Druid Epic Spell 4
Breath of Dreams
Draw a card. If you're holding a Dragon, gain an empty Mana Crystal.
Druid Rare Spell 2
Bright-Eyed Scout
Battlecry: Draw a card. Change its Cost to (5).
Neutral Epic Minion 4 3 4
Add 2 random class cards to your hand (from your opponent's class).
Rogue Rare Spell 3
Bwonsamdi, the Dead
Battlecry: Draw 1-Cost minions from your deck until your hand is full.
Priest Legendary Minion 7 7 7
Cabalist's Tome
Add 3 random Mage spells to your hand.
Mage Epic Spell 5
Cagematch Custodian
Battlecry: Draw a weapon.
Shaman Common Minion 2 2 2
Call Pet
Draw a card. If it's a Beast, it costs (4) less.
Hunter Rare Spell 2
Call to Adventure
Draw the lowest Cost minion from your deck. Give it +2/+2.
Paladin Rare Spell 3
Candle Breath
Draw 3 cards. Costs (3) less while you're holding a Dragon.
Rogue Common Spell 6
Capture Coldtooth Mine
Choose One - Draw your lowest Cost card; or Draw your highest Cost card.
Druid Epic Spell 2
Cavern Shinyfinder
Battlecry: Draw a weapon from your deck.
Rogue Common Minion 2 3 1
Chaos Strike
Give your hero +2 Attack this turn. Draw a card.
Demon Hunter Common Spell 2
Claw Machine
Rush. Deathrattle: Draw a minion and give it +3/+3.
Neutral Common Minion 6 6 3
Coldlight Oracle
Battlecry: Each player draws 2 cards.
Neutral Rare Minion 3 2 2
Battlecry: If an enemy is Frozen, draw a card.
Mage Common Minion 3 3 4
Commanding Shout
Your minions can't be reduced below 1 Health this turn. Draw a card.
Warrior Rare Spell 2
Give your minions "Deathrattle: Draw a card."
Druid Epic Spell 2
Conch's Call
Draw a Naga and a spell.
Hunter Common Spell 3
Consume Magic
Silence an enemy minion. Outcast: Draw a card.
Demon Hunter Common Spell 1
Put a copy of an enemy minion into your hand.
Priest Rare Spell 2