Mana Cost








Name Class Rarity Type
Apexis Blast
Deal 5 damage. If your deck has no minions, summon a random 5-Cost minion.
Mage Epic Spell 5
Arcane Shot
Deal 2 damage.
Hunter Free Spell 1
Augmented Porcupine
Deathrattle: Deal this minion's Attack damage randomly split among all enemies.
Hunter Epic Minion 3 2 4
Baited Arrow
Deal 3 damage. Overkill: Summon a 5/5 Devilsaur.
Hunter Common Spell 5
Bane of Doom
Deal 2 damage to a character. If that kills it, summon a random Demon.
Warlock Epic Spell 5
Deal 3 Damage. Gain 3 Armor.
Warrior Common Spell 3
Blackhowl Gunspire
Can't Attack. Whenever this takes damage, deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
Warrior Legendary Minion 7 3 8
Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, deal 5 damage.
Neutral Epic Minion 7 6 6
Bomb Toss
Deal 2 damage. Summon a 0/2 Goblin Bomb.
Hunter Common Spell 2
Brain Freeze
Freeze a minion. Combo: Also deal 3 damage to it.
Mage, Rogue Rare Spell 1
Breath of Sindragosa
Deal 2 damage to a random enemy minion and Freeze it.
Mage Common Spell 1
Burrowing Scorpid
Battlecry: Deal 2 damage. If that kills the target, gain Stealth.
Neutral Common Minion 4 5 2
Cannon Barrage
Deal 3 damage to a random enemy. Repeat for each of your Pirates.
Rogue Epic Spell 6
Cheaty Anklebiter
Lifesteal Battlecry: Deal 2 damage.
Neutral Common Minion 2 2 1
Deal 5 damage randomly split among all enemies.
Mage Rare Spell 3
Cloud Prince
Battlecry: If you control a Secret, deal 6 damage.
Mage Common Minion 5 4 4
Deal 3-6 damage. Overload: (1)
Shaman Common Spell 2
Crowd Roaster
Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, deal 7 damage to an enemy minion.
Neutral Epic Minion 7 7 4
Battlecry: If you have Overloaded Mana Crystals, deal 5 damage.
Shaman Epic Minion 5 5 5
Dark Possession
Deal 2 damage to a friendly character. Discover a Demon.
Warlock Rare Spell 1
Deal 3 damage.
Warlock Common Spell 2
Disciple of C'Thun
Battlecry: Deal 2 damage. Give your C'Thun +2/+2 (wherever it is).
Neutral Rare Minion 3 2 1
Throw your weapon at a minion. It deals its damage, then returns to your hand.
Rogue Epic Spell 1
After you use your Hero Power, deal 5 damage to a random enemy.
Hunter Legendary Minion 4 3 5
Dragon's Breath
Deal 4 damage. Costs (1) less for each minion that died this turn.
Mage Common Spell 5
Drain Life
Deal 2 damage. Restore 2 Health to your hero.
Warlock Free Spell 3
Deal 2 damage. Combo: Deal 4 damage instead.
Rogue Common Spell 2
Eydis Darkbane
Whenever you target this minion with a spell, deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
Neutral Legendary Minion 3 3 4
Fiery Bat
Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
Hunter Common Minion 1 2 1
Fire Plume Phoenix
Battlecry: Deal 2 damage.
Neutral Common Minion 4 3 3
Deal 6 damage.
Mage Free Spell 4
Fist of Jaraxxus
When you play or discard this, deal 4 damage to a random enemy.
Warlock Rare Spell 4
Flame Geyser
Deal 2 damage. Add a 1/2 Elemental to your hand.
Mage Common Spell 2
Flame Juggler
Battlecry: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
Neutral Common Minion 2 2 3
Deal 3 damage to a character and Freeze it.
Mage Free Spell 2
Glaivebound Adept
Battlecry: If your hero attacked this turn, deal 4 damage.
Demon Hunter Free Minion 5 6 4
Gormok the Impaler
Battlecry: If you have at least 4 other minions, deal 4 damage.
Neutral Legendary Minion 4 4 4
Hammer of Wrath
Deal 3 damage. Draw a card.
Paladin Free Spell 4
Holy Fire
Deal 5 damage. Restore 5 Health to your hero.
Priest Rare Spell 6
Holy Ripple
Deal 1 damage to all enemies. Restore 1 Health to all friendly characters.
Priest Rare Spell 2
Holy Wrath
Draw a card and deal damage equal to its cost.
Paladin Rare Spell 5
Ice Lance
Freeze a character. If it was already Frozen, deal 4 damage instead.
Mage Common Spell 1
Keeper of the Grove
Choose One - Deal 2 damage; or Silence a minion.
Druid Rare Minion 4 2 2
Kill Command
Deal 3 damage. If you have a Beast, deal 5 damage instead.
Hunter Free Spell 3
Kobold Apprentice
Battlecry: Deal 3 damage randomly split among all enemies.
Neutral Common Minion 3 2 1
Lava Burst
Deal 5 damage. Overload: (2)
Shaman Rare Spell 3
Lava Shock
Deal 2 damage. Unlock your Overloaded Mana Crystals.
Shaman Rare Spell 2
Lightning Bolt
Deal 3 damage. Overload: (1)
Shaman Common Spell 1