Therocrafting Blackhowl Gunspire Combo Decks

Class: Warrior - Format: mammoth - Type: combo - Season: season-49 - Style: theorycraft

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Disclaimer: Not all witchwood cards have been revealed yet. This deck is by no means meant to be final, if anything it just a rough outline. The more important thing, is the numbers. I want to give y’all some food for thought, to spark discussion. IMO people are sleeping on gunspire and its a solid 5/5 card. Here is my reasoning why.
I have 3 different ideas how this may work, im still theorycrafitng more options. Lets assume no wild emperor ticks
empty your hand and deck of minions
Prematurely equip woecleaver.
Dead mans hand it into your deck. 2 mana
Swing with woecleaver. 3 damage
Summons gunspire. Whirlwind for 3 damage. 3 mana. 6 damage total
Whirlwind. 3 damage. 4 mana, 6 damage total.
warpath. 6 mana, 9 damage.
Warpath echo. 8 mana 13 damage.
Echo warpath. 10 mana 16 damage.

We still have 6 damage with woecleaver to swing prior, and assuming we scourgelord garrosh, we can do another 12 damage with its weapon and have a heropower to make up for any giests. Total damage of all of these weapons and the combo will be 34 damage.

lets do one emperors tick.

Woecleaver turn prior swing for 3
Emp for 1 less mana. swing woecleaver. 3
Dead mans hand, swing woecleaver. 3 damage and 1 mana.
Whirlwind. 3 damage and 1 mana. 6 total burst.
Suddon geneis twice. 9 mana.
Whirlwind. 9 mana, 12 damage. 20 total burst
Warpath. 10 mana, 12 damage. 32 burst, 38 damage total.
Factoring scourgelord weapon is another 12.
scourgelord weapon, 3 woecleaver swings, and wild OTK is the max possible damage of 50 damage.
Keep in mind in standard we do have deadmans hand so with battlerage for draw we can perform the combo a second time.

now lets be greedy and do a second emp tick:
emperor, whirlwind, blood warriors. 10 mana 1 emp tick.
Emperors for 2 emp ticks
Dead mans hand for 0 mana.
Swing with woecleaver, summon gunspire. 3 damage.
Whrilwind. 0 mana, 6 damage.
Suddon genesis twice. 6 mana.
Warpath. 6 mana, 12 damage, 28 damage total.
Warpath echo. 8 mana, 12 damage. 40 damage total.
Warpath echo. 10 mana, 12 damage, 52 damage total. With 2 more woecleaver swings, and scourgelord weapon, we have 72 damage total.

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