Reno Maly Druid

Class: Druid - Format: wild - Type: combo - Season: season-75 - Style: budget

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Probably the most expensive combo deck that is still legend viable out there… Have fun if you have the dough lmao!

Revision — Cut Nourish for Overflow to get more card draw and curves better into overgrowth.

Revision 2 — Cut Overgrowth and Overflow for 1 ooze and 1 nourish for better match up against aggro and cubelock. We usually don’t have to worry about control so ramping asap isn’t super important in this deck.

Revision 3 — Cut Ooze for overflow because Jepetto draw into ooze can be super bad. Card draw is always welcome in a singleton deck.

Revision 4 — Cut 1 Overflow for 1 Overgrowth because overflow feels like a dead card most of the times. Overgrowth is just very good ramp, very necessary for a high curve deck.

Revision 5 — Cut Floop’s Glorious Gloop for 1 Mulch since more removal gives us better survival potential against aggro and tempo. Not that we are favored against them, but more tools with very little downside is always welcome!

Revision 6 — Cut Emperor for Dreampetal Florist for better tutor with psychmelon. Still debating which one is better but it seems to improve jepetto draws.

Revision 7 — Switched a BEES for 1 Jade Blossom for more ramp. Our deck will rely on ramp to work more consistently.

SOOO many mini combos for YOU to explore! I literally don’t have the energy to write all of them down.

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