Reno Priest

Class: Priest - Format: Wild - Type: Control - Season: 54 - Style: Ladder

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Deck Import



Benedictus is only here when vs other control decks to outvalue them, remember when using Benedictus, your Reno might not work anymore. So make sure you Benedictus after your Reno (especially against Aggro, we don’t want to Benedictus Aggro decks unless we’re in fatigue)

Potential combos:

Brann –> Benedictus (Shuffles double the amount of cards into your deck)

Brann –> Kazakus –> Zola (To create 2 potions and add 2 more Kazakus to your hand. If Brann survives, the value is insane next turn)

Amara –> Zola (Copy your quest reward)

Reno –> Zola (Copy your Reno)

Brann –> Dirty Rat (Can pull 2 combo minions out of your opponent’s hand)

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