[Meme] I like your deck. I think I will TAKE IT!

Class: Paladin - Format: raven - Type: combo - Season: season-49 - Style: fun

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General Mulligans

The main meme combo. Get this combo, and destroy any control/combo deck as you laugh maniacally on the other side of the screen :D


Another day, another meme. Let’s see. Togwaggle memes are best memes, how to abuse… Rebuke? 10 mana ransom which nobody will want to play? Divine Favor to grab cards from their deck after they refuse the 10-mana ransom? Heck yeah.

Core Mechanics

Assuming you’re facing a control deck… Say, Cubelock. They’re controlly right? They’re going to be having a huge hand after dealing with your early game, right? Draw into at least 1x Rebuke and 1x Divine Favor. Blow up your deck with Hemet, and wait ‘til turn 10. Togwaggle Rebuke. They’re not going to want to pay 10 mana for nothing, so Divine Favor next turn, grab every win-con they have in their deck, and hope you’ll win after you take their Bloodreaver Gul’dan, their N’zoth, etc. Exodia Mage? Take their Apprentices and their Antonidas.

The deck also runs a couple dragons for Cathedral Gargoyle. Not mandatory; go ahead and swap all that synergy out if you wish. As long as you have Hemet, Togwaggle, Rebuke and Divine Favor, you’re set.


Hope you enjoyed! This was one of my smaller deck techs, but still hilariously fun nonetheless. Realistically you could build this meme any way you feel; to be honest, plop in the Holy Wrath Molten Giant meme. It’ll be a bit less consistent due to Togwaggle, but it gives you another win-con. So ye x3

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