Hopper Rogue Deck List Guide – Boomsday – August 2018

Our Hopper Rogue deck list guide for Boomsday Project features an early, theorycrafting list for this potential upcoming archetype.

Introduction to Hopper Rogue

Pogo-Hopper is a new Rogue card from the upcoming Boomsday Project expansion. It’s one of those cards that don’t really work well by themselves, but have insane build-around potential. If the right support is given, an entire archetype can revolve around that card. And Pogo-Hopper is just like that.

While some players are going all-in on Hopper synergy, I’ve decided against it. It’s still a very important part of the deck and the main late game win condition, but not the only one. Playing only Hoppers and support cards means that you have to sacrifice a lot of good cards, including ways to survive in the early game. You also rely on drawing an early Hopper in each game, or else your entire game plan is ruined.

I imagine that after the release, Hopper Rogue might be a bit like Kingsbane Rogue. Archetype that works very well if given enough time (so against Control decks), but with a rather weak early game and lack of great defensive options. So its viability will heavily depend on the meta, and how fast it will be in particular.

Keep in mind that this theorycrafting is still in its early form. It will be constantly updated as new cards fitting the deck list will be revealed. Mulligan and strategy guides will be added to the final version.

Deck List

Deck Import

Hopper Rogue Overview

Pogo-Hopper is a very interesting card. It starts as a meek 2 mana 1/1 Mech, but every time you play an extra copy, that copy gets +2/+2 compared to the last one. It’s a bit like Jade mechanic, but all built into a single card. While the first one is a terrible tempo play, the second one is already okay (2 mana 3/3 minion isn’t the best thing ever, but playing it is not a tempo loss). Then, the further we go, the better they get. 5/5, 7/7, 9/9 etc. At one point you start dropping nearly 20 attack minions for just 2 mana, something that your opponent simply has to answer or they die. In the late game, you flood your opponent with a massive threat after threat, and wait for just a single turn in which they will miss a single removal and just kill them.

But, in order to do that, you first need to shuffle Hoppers into your deck. A lot of them. The best way to do that is another new card from Boomsday Project – Lab Recruiter. It shuffled 3 copies of a chosen minion to your deck, just like a Gang Up, but with a 3/2 body (which is pretty important, especially if you’re doing it in the early-mid game). Just a single Lab Recruiter on your Hopper means that you can get up to 9/9 with the last one. But that’s obviously not all. You can use Shadowstep to play it another time, get another copy of Lab Recruiter with Zola the Gorgon (or just straight up copy a Pogo-Hopper for less long-term value, but more immediate tempo). You can also combine it with Vanish (especially with Preparation), not to mention the late game Valeera the Hollow shenanigans.

Thanks to the Valeera, it’s actually pretty easy to go “infinite” if you find yourself in a matchup in which you need to do so. You play Pogo-Hopper, then one Lab Recruiter on your Hopper and a second Lab Recruiter on your first one. This shuffled 3 copies of both into your deck, which means that you can do your shenanigans for much, much longer. If you find yourself running out of cards again (very unlikely), you can just do the same thing second time! While it’s a cool play, against most of the decks you won’t even need to do it. Assuming you play four Lab Recruiters in total (which is not that hard with all of your tools), all on Pogo-Hoppers, you already shuffle 12 of them into your deck, which means that not only you’re far away from fatigue, but your final Hoppers will go up to 27/27, almost enough to one-hit a full health opponent. Probably even bigger, given that in the late game you will often play two per turn thanks to Valeera, but the basic premise is simple – they are big enough that they need to be answered IMMEDIATELY or else they just kill your opponent.

However, the real shenanigans will start after you play Myra's Unstable Element. While in most of the builds emptying your deck might seem like a massive downside, it’s not exactly the same thing in this one. Of course, first you need to make sure that you have enough shuffle cards ready, and you’d also like to have your DK Hero (but she’s not absolutely necessary). When you end up with an empty deck, you want to shuffle a bunch of Pogo-Hoppers back to not only prevent fatigue, but draw massive threats every turn. That’s also where Valeera comes handy – normally you will draw 1 per turn (at least if you don’t have SprintElven Minstrel or something), but Valeera will let you play it twice, putting not one, but two big threats on the board every single turn. You basically put your opponent in a scenario in which they have to manage their removals and kill you very quickly. The best course of action would be rushing you down during your Unstable Element turn, when you have to spend 5 mana on the Legendary spell and then some more on shuffling. However, that’s where Fal'dorei Striders come handy. Unless you get really unlucky, Myra’s Unstable Element should draw and trigger some of the Spiders you’ve shuffled into your deck. So instead of starting his offense, your opponent might be forced to clear your board first, which buys you a precious turn to start dropping Hoppers.

Like I’ve mentioned in the introduction, Hoppers aren’t the only focus of the deck. It plays some other cards that are unrelated to the plan. For example – Fire Fly gives an early game play as well as a small combo activator. The card is not impressive and it doesn’t synergize with your game plan, but it often lets you not fall behind on the board so early in the game. SI:7 Agent is just a solid 3-drop/removal, I thought about putting Hench-Clan Thug instead, but I feel like SI is just stronger against Aggro than Hench-Clan, and that’s the deck’s main goal – surviving. You should have lots of power plays against slow decks anyway, so you don’t need that Hench-Clan Thug. Fal'dorei Strider is just a great 4-drop, and it does what I’ve mentioned above – create some tempo on the turns on which your opponent might want to take control of the game. Vilespine Slayer is just a solid removal on a stick, and it works well in most of the matchups.

Since your Pogo-Hoppers will get big pretty quickly, there is another cool thing you can do thanks to a new Legendary – Zilliax. Hoppers are Mechs, so you can Magnetize into them. While other Magnetize cards seem a bit pointless (you don’t need to add +5/+5 to already huge minions), Zilliax is different. It gives Hopper Divine Shield, Lifesteal, Rush and Taunt. On a big enough minion, it basically means clearing something on the board, healing up to full and leaving a massive Taunt minion behind. The card can also be somewhat useful against Aggro decks if you play it without Magnetize – you will usually clear two small minions and gain some life, which isn’t game-winning, but might be enough to stall the game. I actually think about adding some more defensive tools, such as Sunfury Protector – Hoppers are cheap, so it’s easy to play both on the same turn, and dropping e.g. 5/5 + 7/7 and a Sunfury Protector in between them can put a nice Taunt wall and buy you some time. Still, that part really depends on the meta. Aggro decks will definitely be your worst enemy, but that’s how snowball decks work. If you get enough time to perform your game plan, it’s very powerful, but faster decks won’t give you that time. So if the meta turns out to be faster, either the deck will need to adapt or it will have to wait for a better time.

Omitted Cards

While it’s most likely not a final version of the deck list yet, I can already discuss some of the cards I’ve decided to not include for various reasons. Some of them I don’t think belong in the deck, some are too greedy, some might be tech cards and others I just didn’t have space for. By no means I’m saying that this is the best build – we won’t know which is the best one until we get to play around with the new cards after expansion’s launch. The build will most likely change, so some of the cards listed below might get into the final version.

  • Baleful Banker – Lab Recruiter is just so much better. One more attack, shuffles two more copies. While you could play Baleful Banker as a plan B, I don’t think that’s exactly necessary, and running two many of cards that shuffle stuff might get clunky.
  • Cheat Death – That’s something I was really thinking about, because the deck runs so many targets it would want to bounce back – Hoppers, Lab Recruiters, Vilespine Slayers, even Minstrels and Fal’Dorei Striders are good. I’m just not sure what to cut, and whether it’s really necessary. Shadowstep is just more consistent, since you can pick the target and you don’t have to worry about dropping let’s say Fire Fly or SI:7 (because while not the worst stuff ever, you don’t really want to copy those). Again, just like in case of Baleful Banker, some redundancy is good, but you don’t need too much of that.
  • Youthful Brewmaster – It’s not Quest Rogue. Bouncing the Hoppers is slow and counter-productive, you prefer to copy them instead. Bouncing one only gives you +2/+2 and doesn’t add any more copies. Brewmasters are pretty clunky and actually destroy your tempo, which is never good in a deck that is already slow. They’re definitely bad vs Aggro and you simply don’t need them vs slow decks – you have lots of ways to shuffle dozens of Hoppers, or even go infinite, without Brewmasters.
  • Mimic Pod – It’s slow and until the late game it has a rather low chance to hit one of the cards you would really want to duplicate. And when you get to the late game, you don’t really need it anymore. 
  • Sonya Shadowdancer – I was picking between her and Zola, but I’ve decided that Zola is just better, more consistent. Sonya works best on minions with Charge or Rush, since you can play both from the hand and get immediate value. To guarantee Sonya value, you need to have a target you want to copy already on the board, being able to attack, and a minion you can trade into. It doesn’t seem that hard, but your opponent will most likely try to clear off the best targets to play around her, as well as Shadowstep and such. Since Lab Recruiter (the best target to copy) has only a 3/2 body, most of the time it will die right after it’s played, leaving you win no way to gain value from Sonya. And since it has no Charge, if you play it again immediately, you won’t be able to copy it again anyway. In case of Zola, you can play both Lab Recruiter or Hopper AND Zola on the same turn, guaranteeing value. Sonya has a better “best case scenario” (as you can potentially copy multiple minions), but it’s very unlikely. On the other hand, you might end up in a situation in which you can’t use her to copy anything at all, and you’d wish you have Zola then. I think that including both is just too greedy, but we’ll see.
  • Giggling InventorRotten Applebaum or some other mid-game defensive card – That’s where I think this deck might struggle most. In the early game, Rogue’s Hero Power and the early drops, Fan of Knives etc. might carry it a bit. Then, later in the game when you actually start dropping big Hoppers, you can Zilliax one, or first Vanish and then drop a Hopper or two and win the game that way. However, the mid game is where you will struggle most against Aggro. So including some anti-Aggro tools that might let you survive a bit longer might be necessary. It will obviously depend on what the meta looks like, but Giggling Inventor might be an okay choice. It will usually block LOTS of damage and just stall the game for a bit, which is really important.


A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. Over that time, he has achieved many high Legend climbs and infinite Arena runs. He's the current admin of Hearthstone Top Decks.

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Discuss This Deck
  1. CandyHoliday
    August 15, 2018 at 10:05 am

    I tried this deck out a few times. It will definitely lose more often than it wins. In my opinion the deck is too dependent on luck. If the cards aren’t dealt to you in just the right order then there’s not a lot you can do defensively or offensively. It doesn’t take long for an opponent to stack an unmanageable board against you. If you get every card you need when you need it then, yes, the deck is good. Or if your opponent has an equally luck dependent deck and has the same bad draws then you can still win. If your opponent has a solid deck though that is not as luck dependent then you are very likely going to lose.

  2. Senjy_McBee studio's
    August 9, 2018 at 10:33 am

    Hi ! I dont have Zoola, what can I take instead ? Ty 🙂

    • Maciek
      August 9, 2018 at 2:51 pm

      I’d try Elekk or Cheat Death if the meta is controlish or giggling inventor if you see aggro pretty often

    • WildRage
      August 12, 2018 at 3:32 pm

      I went for Sonya. Contrary to what most say, she’s very versatile and synergizes well with many cards in this deck. I’d go as far as to say she’s a better choice than Zola.

  3. Iskari
    August 4, 2018 at 11:45 am

    I just made an almost identical deck, started to look for similar builds and found this. I decided to try how the interaction with Sonya works. To enhance the chances of her ability to come through, I also included those 1/1 magnetic rush mechs (attach to pogo and trade). I figure they might come in handy even without sonya.

    My list doesn’t include Zola or Zilliax though.. I guess the third difference was a single backstab. Oh, and one Gadgetzan Auctioneer instead of sprint. I guess sprint might be better..

    • WildRage
      August 12, 2018 at 3:38 pm

      I think Zilliax is neccesary. Rogue as a class is always in dire need of healing and this deck is no exception.
      From experience I can tell you a single Lifesteal minion often makes the difference.

  4. Facepunch8888
    August 4, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Could someone come up with a quest version of this deck? I could see that being meta…

    • Albatron
      August 8, 2018 at 3:46 am

      I thought that originally but the quest would nerf your Hoppers to 4/4

      • Drayko
        August 9, 2018 at 7:17 pm

        Has anyone actually tested this yet? I dont know if it would nerf them because the pogos buff comes from battlecries, it could go off and gain the +2/+2 despite the quest, and the quest would just add +3/+3

  5. Bazillions
    August 3, 2018 at 5:58 am

    I’m sorry, I’m not seeing the value in Myra’s. Do you play this card late in the game when your deck is almost empty? Do you play it when you’re being over-run? I’ve been trying to look at this from every angle, but just don’t see how drawing the rest of your deck would be beneficial. I’m not arguing, just a bit confused.

    • CocoAsticot
      August 4, 2018 at 8:16 am

      It s for emptying your deck and fill it with only pogo hopper.

    • U_are_trash_retard
      August 6, 2018 at 11:12 pm

      U are a trsh retard

    • WildRage
      August 12, 2018 at 3:43 pm

      The deck’s main combo revolves around these steps:
      1) Play Valeera the Hollow
      2) Play Myra’s Unstable Element (ideally with Preparation, so you can do the next step in the same turn)
      3) Play Pogo-Hopper, suffle three copies back into the deck with Lab Recruiter and use the copy of Lab Recruiter generated by Valeera’s Hero Power to suffle three copies of Lab Recruiter into your deck.

      From then on you have a steady supply of Pogo-Hoppers every turn, which you double due to Valeera’s Hero Power. You also have Lab Recruiters to suffle even more Pogo-Hoppers into your deck.
      I’d suggest you have a way to draw additional cards like Fan of Knives or Elven Ministrel.

  6. Guyopt
    July 31, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    i think that you need more card draw and more bounce effects on the expense of minions. what about the new epic that doubles the shuffle effect?

    • KamaiTachi
      August 1, 2018 at 7:13 am

      That’s also what I was thinking. Unfortunately, at this point you have lots of minions in your deck, making Elven Minstrel less viable; however, I feel in a more control-oriented meta (which is what it seems we’re looking at, considering the fact that Mech Warrior, especially Odd Mech Warrior, is a huge possibility), Augmented Elekk would be too good to pass up. Another minion on the board, especially one they need to take care of, could be pretty powerful. Whether it’d be better to also include Academic Espionage, however, is something I’m also considering. I think having 10+ extra cards is too unreliable, but it could offer to provide additional value with Valeera in this deck, and the cards costing only 1 mana for the initial. Alas, I feel I’m hoping for too much, and that I’ll just have to run AE in Steal Rogue

      • CocoAsticot
        August 4, 2018 at 8:15 am

        What about Witchwood Piper instead of elven ménestrel ? You would draw pogo and lab recruiter more consistenly. ?

      • hehe boay445
        August 8, 2018 at 12:01 pm

        What you can do is add Witchwood Piper which is almost 100% of the times going to draw you Poggo Hopper or Lab Recruiter really good to coin on 3 and then if you already have one of those 2 you can draw the second and on 4 do a combo (Hopper-Recruiter)

        • WildRage
          August 12, 2018 at 3:45 pm

          I feel Elven Ministrel is far more viable. Early in the match you don’t neccesarely want to draw Pogo-Hoppers or Lab Recruiters.
          Elven’s additional draw far exceeds Piper’s ability.

  7. WED
    July 30, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    If i magnetized a hopper with zilliax and i go for zoola, am i get a hopper or zilliax from zoola the gorgen?
    or how can i get zilliax with zoola?

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      July 31, 2018 at 10:48 am

      If you Magnetize a Mech into something, it disappears and “transforms” into a buff. You can no longer get it. If you Zola the Hopper, you get Hopper, even if it’s buffed by Zilliax.

      The only way to get extra Zilliax from Zola is to play Zilliax on the board, not as Magnetize.

  8. WED
    July 30, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    If i magnetized a hopper with zilliax and i go for zoola, am i get a hopper or zilliax from zoola the gorgen?
    or how can i get zilliax with zoola?
    thanks for the answer

    • Gadock
      August 2, 2018 at 7:30 am

      I am quite certain you’ll get Hopper, as Zilliax will work as a buff.

  9. ProFi
    July 30, 2018 at 5:30 am

    if i magnetised POGO-HOPPER with ZILLIAX an then shuffle with LAB RECRUITER , how does it will interact ? will i get magnetised pogo or just a normal pogo?

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      July 30, 2018 at 7:57 am

      Just the normal ones, sadly. Cards that shuffle stuff into your deck always add the base, unbuffed copy.

  10. SupHypUlt
    July 28, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    had a similar list. i went with the auctioneer route than sprint. it was more focused like the current miracle package with the hopper being an added option as target for lab recruiter. either go spiders or more hoppers =)

    • WildRage
      August 12, 2018 at 3:47 pm

      I tried Auctioneer too. I definately like him better than Sprint, but I ended up taking them both out for more early control tools.

  11. Kingforever
    July 27, 2018 at 2:49 am

    It’s infinitive combo! You playing Hopper, then playing Lab Recruiter on it, then playing on First Lab Recruiter anouther Lab Recruiter (or Zola)!

  12. Servivo
    July 26, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    It is amazing! I just tried to build something similar but my mistake was to reduce the amount of minions such as faldorei and vilespine in order to have more probability to get lab recruiter and pogo hopper with elven minstral. I felt weird but I liked more this version! I hope to be able to try it. I also think that one sonya could be good in order to trade some pogo and get some 1 cost poggo.

  13. Loiosh
    July 26, 2018 at 10:52 am

    It seems to me that there’s a trouble with the Strider/Myra’s combo. Each Spider Ambush is cast when drawn, and when it’s cast it causes you to draw a car. In theory, that should lead you to draw an extra card *on top* of the whole deck draw from Myra’s. That would mean that you’re doing fatigue damage to yourself, and potentially huge amounts — three spiders is 6 damage, and 6 spiders would be 21!

    If your opponent has any kind of a board after that, they could probably ignore the spiders and simply kill you.

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      July 26, 2018 at 11:30 am

      Was it confirmed that it works the way you think it does? Isn’t the draw from Myra’s “interrupted” for a moment, the draw from spider resolved, and then draw from Myra continues?

      That’s what it looks like at least when you draw a Spider in game right now. You cast Sprint, the first draw gets you a spider, THEN the spider card draws a card, and THEN Sprint continues and draws other 3. Of course, it’s impossible to say how it’s really programmed just by looking at how the animations “look”, but that’s the impression I got.

      If it works like you think it does, then those two probably don’t belong into the same deck. But it seems like one of the main selling points of Myra’s Unstable Element, so I would be absolutely surprised if it worked like that.

      We’ll have to wait and see. If the draws will proc AFTER your deck gets emptied, then yeah, you definitely don’t want to play Fal’dorei in this deck.

      • Loiosh
        July 26, 2018 at 11:59 am

        Oh not confirmed, no. I just assumed the effects would trigger in the order of play rather than being interrupted, which you’re right is unclear (the Sprint-interaction animation is definitely a data point in your direction).

        The other way the spider interaction could work badly is if the Myra’s “draw your whole deck” effect is programmed to work as “draw the number of cards in your deck at the time the spell is cast” rather than “draw until there are zero cards remaining in the deck.” That seems implausible to me, but as you say we’ll find out soon enough.

        • Stonekeep - Site Admin
          July 26, 2018 at 11:36 pm

          It’s already shown how Myra’s effect works, actually. It draws cards until your hand is full and then simply burns the rest of your deck in one animation, when you hit full hand it doesn’t draw more. I assume that it would also stop when you empty your deck. Drawing “X”, where X is equal to the current number of cards in your deck would be a weird way to program it and I think that they took stuff like Spiders into consideration.

          But we’ll see soon enough 🙂

      • Deck_Fiend
        August 5, 2018 at 5:37 pm

        or you could just cut out the unstable element. in my version I don’t have it as I think that lots of times you aren’t going to be able to use it effectively. If I get it in packs I will surely be using it though as it does look good.

        Just won’t craft it right away.

        The card I want to try most with rogue is augmented elekk. even just adding this and lab recruiter to miracle rogue would be amazing. 6 spiders for each strider is huge. they play on curve as well (ellek 3 and strider 4)

    • cheshire
      July 26, 2018 at 11:47 am

      That would only be possible if all the remaining non-spider cards in your deck could fit in your hand. When you play Myra’s in a situation where cards will be burned you won’t take any fatigue from spiders. Spiders only pop when drawn, not burned. So after your hand fills up the remaining spiders will be burned as well. No 4/4, no fatigue damage.

  14. Wikator
    July 26, 2018 at 9:13 am

    I will surely test this deck when expansion will come.

  15. Maciek
    July 26, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Your build is very similar to what I was thinking about. Great deck imo, you also included several cards I didn’t consider and I feel they make the deck even better.

  16. GlosuuLang
    July 26, 2018 at 6:24 am

    I had a similar idea on how to build this deck. Will definitely try it on launch!