Ectomancy Demons

Class: Warlock - Format: wild - Season: season-66 - Style: ladder

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This is what you mostly want to accomplish with this deck, other cards are used to control the board and keep yourself alive until you get the combo.

Just tried this deck as i love the concept of demons in hearthstone, with many good cards like VoidlordBloodreaver Gul'dan , etc. being in the wild format, i thought that i should make a deck around it bringing a lot of value. This deck has issues with priest (*cough* resurrect priest *priest*) and some aggro decks. 

For the aggro decks i included Defile as it helps a lot in the early game to keep yourself alive in order to use your demons. 

The goal for this deck is to keep drawing demons, get Voidcaller and Possessed Lackey, then use Ectomancy to fill your board without wasting your demons giving you more value. 

Ectomancy works great with Mal'Ganis making the enemy deal with not only one but two of this essential card in your deck, using Bloodreaver Gul'dan will bring you the two mal’ganis that died (if the enemy manages to kill two of them) and if you still have a copy of ectomancy you will get two more copies of that minion, depending on the board space. If you used up all your ectomancy cards you will still have 2 mal’ganis on the board buffing your other demons with +4/+4 stats and making your hero immune. 

I also added Jumbo Imp as it can decrease a lot from the void walkers and you dont have to pay anything with skull of the man’ari, void caller and the possessed lackey in your deck. It is very good to put pressure on your opponent, it replaces mountain giant and benefits from bloodreaver gul’dan, mal’ganis and ectomancy.

This is my first deck and if you have any opinions on how to optimize this deck i will gladly accept them. 

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  1. Neverdustever
    September 23, 2019 at 4:02 am

    Love the deck mate. Am just getting into Hearthstone and find the
    demon synergies to be really cool. Dont have these cards yet but wondering
    how your winrate with this deck is? Also do you really think jumbo imp is good

    • Neverdustever
      September 23, 2019 at 1:03 pm

      Hi mate I made the deck but replaced the jumbo imps with aranasi broodmothers. Really cool deck!

      • Hashimura24 - Author
        September 26, 2019 at 12:32 am

        Yes that is good too if you don’t have many of these cards (it also helps to keep yourself alive from aggro decks and serves as a good mid-game taunt), i just listed the most optimal. The jumbo imps are used to overwhelm your opponent because they have the highest stats second to mal’ganis, they also decrease in cost from the demons that die while it’s in your hand, so if you get a voidlord from the voidcaller and dies together with the voidwalkers, you get a 5 mana 8/8.

        I just started playing wild and i got from rank 25 to rank 13 just by spamming this deck, lost only 5 games due to not drawing a single voidcaller or the skull of the man’ari ( it’s pretty hard to win against aggro decks that is why i added defile to control the board until i have more mana).

        You need to get lucky with this deck too, but if you manage to control the board (you can also switch defile for doomsayer or other taunt cards) you should be good at late game.

        Thanks for the kind comments!

        • Neverdustever
          September 26, 2019 at 3:37 pm

          Yeah I see your point and xd I went from 25 to 10 losing 10 games, mostly to shamans changing my demons into 1 cost lower. Very swingy games against most decks but very fun when Mal’ganis turn 6 with ectomancy! But the really bad matchup I found is Resurrect Priest! The deck is just op and they grind you out as you draw faster. I hope to reach rank 5 but assume its gonna get very WILD! soon, anyway am working on a current deck for standard with warlock right now. I think that face damage warlock could be really good with a lackey package. The buff to spirit bomb and the new epic that summons 3 drops for face damage combo soo good. Been killing it going 10 and 2 at ranks 3 to 1. Anyway I hope our shared believe in the power of demons gets heard by Blizzard and they add some good stuff for control warlock in the next expansion!

          Thanks for replying!