Echo’s TRIPLE Prince Highlander Priest! Oct 2017 (Season 43)

Class: Priest - Format: mammoth - Type: control - Season: season-43 - Style: theorycraft

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Hello again guys! 

This here must by far be my most absurd, but yet slightly successful deck idea ever. I started to mess around with Prince Keleseth in a variety of Hunter decks, and then i just thought “Why don’t i put them all in one deck and see how it goes?”

I landed on Priest because they have good 1 mana spells, and good board clears. This is kind of a Dragon package with just a bunch of possibilities. If you get the princes early, you just win the game. As easy as that. Prince Keleseth starts by buffing your entire deck, Prince Taldaram can become a 3/3 copy of absolutely ANY minion on the board,  if you want an early Pyros or just copy your own Prophet Velen later on, the choice is yours. 

There are a bunch more minions than the usual highlander priest, so the 30 DMG combo in one turn isn’t gonna be as easy – BUT you’ll get there eventually.

I have just made this deck, so i can’t really go into detail on how it’s played or how to mulligan specific matchups.

I just simply wanted to share it with you guys 🙂

(Keep in mind that this is absolutely not a top tier deck, but it has potential to win games, and i can guarantee tere will be fun involved) 🙂

Enjoy the deck!

Cheers <3

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