Comp Buff Mid-Hunter

Class: Hunter - Format: mammoth - Type: midrange - Season: season-41 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

Blubber Baron is excellent against slower decks. If you can play some early-game Battlecry minions (Like Firefly, another great mulligan option), you can pop an easy 3-mana 13/13 by turn 9, with a reasonable board.

(Though, this is all relative to your experiences, every deck can play out differently based on draws and potential misplays.)

A deck based around buffing your beasts to epic proportions in a way that can overwhelm the enemy in the early game, and if necessary, has some late game cards (Han’Cho and Sand Worm) to make sure that your opponent is dead and done in the end.

Basic Tips:

Use Smuggler’s Crate with a small amount of beasts in hand. I do not recommend playing with 3 or more beasts in hand. It is convenient to be able to control where the 2/2 goes.

Try to play Giant Sand Worm while Tundra Rhino is active. If your enemy has a large amount of minions (even those which are Poisonous), you can apply Beastial Wrath to it so you can clear the board cleanly on turn 8 (or 9, with the coin).

Forlorn Stalker is best played while Shaky Zipgunner is in hand. If you decide you wish to play your coin in the early game, you can coin F. Stalker out on turn 2 for a nice 3-Cost 4/4 with a nice deathrattle by turn 3. This is even better if you get the dream hand (going second) of Smuggler’s Crate, Alleycat, Shaky Zipgunner and Forlorn Stalker.


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