Standard Big Priest Boomsday

Class: Priest - Format: raven - Type: control - Season: season-53 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


This deck is my interpretation of the wild deck big priest in standard format. It’s goal is to cheat out big minions on to the board and then redirect them again and again keeping up board presence and pressure. Aiming for t6 shadow essence and then keep resing for board presence. Big swing turns in spellstone.

Silence to counter magnetic and cheap spell to charge spellstone

Shadow visions to charge up spellstone. In early game to fish for removal or shadow essence for t6 and in late game find extra spellstones for extra value

Shadow word pain to stop early game aggression + v good 2 for 1 against magnetic

Spirit lash for heals, to combo with holy nova, and to counter odd paladin. Bear in mind you have to be greedy with aoe removal as priest doesn’t have any to spare

Shadow word death to counter agro midrange and even warlock. Hits egg death rattles 

Mass dispel to counter magnetic and other buff

Holy Nova removal

Psychic scream removal, extremely good against magnetic and shuts down mech paladin 

Free from amber to allow for good odds when playing shadow essence. 3/5 chance to hit a taunt minion and only deathwing is a bad pull. Also give opportunity to double up on minions like the lich king ysera deathwing or obsidian. Fills up res pool

Shadowreaper anduin to act as extra removal and allowing hp and lich king and ysera cards to be played to max effect when have no res/ don’t want to use res. Also allows to push face damage and or control board. Needs great timing to be played as it can damage it’s own minions. Could be cut from list if nessecary.
Zereks cloning gallery because I packed it golden jk it fills rez  pools while giving you an OK board… Obsidian statue is usually enough to make play OK for 9 mana plus you usually get a lich king or users card. Really makes a difference in this list but if you just wanna try out deck don’t craft initially. 
Deathwing to push face dmg. Biggest neutral minion in the game and helps to compensate for the lower dmg of the other minions. Really hard for opponents to deal with multiple copies of this card. Needs cloning gallery to be played with as has disadvantage or being dead draw in hand and also being the worst pull off shadow essence. Could be swapped out but I can’t think of a better minions for the job.
Feel free to comment suggestions and possible changes for the deck I’d love to hear your guys opinions on how to optimise this list. 

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  1. XxxSativaTamer157Xxx
    August 10, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Damn Dat deck hits hard like a sativa dominant strain

    • KublaiMBP - Author
      August 11, 2018 at 3:45 pm

      I feel like I have a unique perspective to ratify that pov