Baku Control/OTK ft. Clockwork Automaton and Play Dead

Class: Hunter - Format: raven - Type: combo - Season: season-49 - Style: fun

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General Mulligans

Tracking can potentially be good turn 1, but it can also be devastating to have to choose between combo pieces, so I recommend waiting until you have a few before discarding cards willy-nilly

Deep in the woods at the edge of Gilneas, the intrepid hunter stalks her unsuspecting prey. Suddenly, the hairs stand up on the back of her neck, and her attention is drawn away from what was to be her next meal. She realizes too late that she is surrounded by the body of a great behemoth. Looking to and fro, it seems there is no escape, and that her destiny is not of the hunter, but of the hunted. Closing her eyes, and bracing for the end of her adventure, she hears the whisper of a sinister voice: “Serve me, good hunter, and I shall yet spare your life. Even better, embrace the tools I give you and lose not your life this day.”

This is an odd-only Hunter Combo deck that utilizes the buffed hero power to deliver massive damage to win the game. 

—-The Combo—-

On turn 10, play Clockwork Automaton and eat it with Carnivorous Cube. The following turn, use a combination of Play Dead, Faceless Manipulator, and combat damage to create as many Clockwork Automaton‘s as possible, then hero power for lethal (3 Automaton’s=24 damage, which will hopefully be enough). 

Alexstrasza is super helpful in pulling this off, especially against decks that can’t naturally heal/gain armor. Putting your opponent at 15 puts a lot of pressure on them, and it means that you’re only a few hero power’s away from winning. 

—-Getting There—-

This is a control Hunter deck, which is honestly a really stupid thing to try. Hunter has almost no AoE outside of Deathstalker Rexxar, who would be extremely counterproductive in this deck as he replaces the damaging hero power.

So instead of AoE, we have a bunch of Taunts. Stonehill Defender, Tar Creeper, Rotten Applebaum, and Witchwood Grizzly are all super stars in this deck. Getting Misha with Animal Companion ain’t too bad either, and Glacial Shard can help slow em’ down, too. 

But seriously, Witchwood Grizzly is a tank a lot of the time and can usually soak up a lot of damage before going down. 

Since Alexstrasza puts your opponent at 15, we usually have the luxury of trading into minions and trying to keep their side of the board as clear as possible, instead of needing to worry about going face. There isn’t a huge point attacking them over their minions if Alexstrasza just does half the work anyways. 

—-The Weaknesses, Replacements, & Explanations—-

Of course, as with any Carnivorous Cube-based deck, silence is always a problem. Fortunately, most decks run only 1 or 2 silence cards, and a lot of the time they are used on our taunts. 

Alexstrasza is not necessary, but is very helpful considering she can also heal you if needed.

The Stitched Tracker‘s are something I’m trying out. They can help you find combo pieces or defensive tools. 

Jeweled Macaw and Candleshot give you early game options, as most of the other 1-drops need to be saved until later. 

I don’t think Zola the Gorgon is necessary either, but she’s good to replay a Grizzly or Automaton. 


This deck is primarily for fun and to be played in casual, but I have had moderate success with some of the ladder decks I find there. Let me know what you think, and if you have suggestions of how to make this run smoother. Give this deck a try, and let me know if you get the combo!

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  1. Indra Polak
    August 3, 2018 at 9:56 am

    Well I have been toying with a variant of this as well and I pulled of the combo I think 3 times in total now but on average I score 25 % on the ladder with this deck…but the fun is insance when you can hit your combo and give him 96 damage in the face.

    • Joeydungee - Author
      August 3, 2018 at 3:30 pm

      Haha, nice! I haven’t played this much in ranked, but I’m glad to hear you have