Astral Tiger ft. Carnivorous Cube

Class: Druid - Format: raven - Season: season-49

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General Mulligans

Definitely do not keep Astral Tiger and Ironwood Golem. You want those for free from other cards 

This is not an original idea of mine, and unfortunately I don’t have the original deck link in front of me, but I’ll try and do it justice with an explanation. Also, I’ve made some changes since the Witchwood release. But like I said, not my original idea. Someone else made this and they’re out there. You know who you are 


This deck uses Astral Tiger to its fullest potential. Oaken Summons and Grizzled Guardian can both pull it out, and when it dies it puts more back in. This is why Carnivorous Cube is so crucial: putting the Tigers back in 1 for 1 is pretty good, but you never actually really generate anything. Creating extra copies with Cube is really important. 

—-Card Interactions—-

Aside from Astral Tiger, Greedy Sprite and Ironwood Golem can also be recruited. The former isn’t so impressive, but the latter can be pretty great due to its stats and taunt. 

Witching Hour was not a card I was excited for at first (except for the awesome art). But when used for a very specific purpose, such as summoning extra Grizzled Guardian‘s and Witchwood Grizzly‘s, it can be pretty power. Speaking of the Grizzly, I’m not sure yet how great it is in here since it can’t be recruited, but I think some extra defense can be nice, and it does work really well with Witching Hour

I’ve found games with this deck, when it performs well, go to fatigue. For this reason, I inserted Naturalize. It can be used to remove your opponents most pesky critters, but also to pop a Grizzled Guardian or Carnivorous Cube if the situation calls for it. When things go right, its great to have 4-5 Astral Tigers in your deck while your opponent has nothing. 

—-Card Considerations & Conclusion—-

Spiritsinger Umbra and Dollmaster Dorian are two cards I do not have, but think would be really interesting and useful here. If anyone has those, try them out here and tell me how it goes!

One weakness for this deck is the obvious: Astral Tiger just isn’t that strong. When I first played this, I thought that the copies would keep the buffs (like +1/+1), but they in fact do not. At the late game, a lot of opponents don’t have much issue with a few 3/5’s. 

Another weakness is that there might actually be too much draw. Drawing Astral Tiger and Ironwood Golem is not ideal since they’re free minions with other cards. Also, silence still sucks

But thanks for checking out the deck! Feel free to leave a comment and suggest card replacements or to berate me for taking your deck idea if you were the one who originally came up with this deck!

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