Aggro Totem Shaman [SoU]

Class: Shaman - Format: Dragon - Type: Aggro - Season: 65 - Style: Ladder

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General Mulligans

start by collecting lackeys also with face damage, good luck

Hello, this is a new shaman deck i’ve been working on, it depends on Totem synergy

The idea is to dish out as much damage as possible to the enemy hero, then end the game by early using bloodlust or Leeroy Jenkins

first, Totems: there are 4 totems , EVIL Totem gives you a lackey each turn which is important for Weaponized Wasp to trigger it’s battlecry

Flametongue Totem  : gives adjacent totems +2 attack 

Mana Tide Totem: draws a card at the end of each turn, beware when playing Splitting Axe not to copy a lot of copies of this totem so you can control your drawing 

Serpent Ward  : this is a totem from rumble expansion, it deals 2 damage a turn which is useful 

Hench-Clan Hag  : Summons two 1/1 Amalgams which count as totems

,good with Bloodlust for extra face damage,  you can replace it with Nightmare Amalgam but that would make the deck less strong 

Splitting Axe  : copy your totems when they are many, and then try to use Bloodlust to kill the opponent 

Weaponized Wasp  : use this with a lackey on board to deal 3 damage, try to hit face with that 

that would be all, and remember to go face! 

i hope you like it and give it a +1, thank you ^_^

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  1. Goodboy
    August 14, 2019 at 2:58 pm

    -2 Splitting axe, – 1 hex, – 1 totemic smash
    +2 underbelly angler, +2 sidekicks
    Seems to work, didn’t play it a lot though
    Sidekick is basically titanic lackey and increases totem survivability in the early game, angler is broken and gives you enough steam to end the game

  2. Marcosio
    August 13, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    I recently started playing again, and really liked Shaman, especially since I’ve opened Evil and Mana totem, and loved the card advantage they give; so I was looking for a decklist like this, definitely gonna build this myself, thank you!