Tavern Brawl Decorating Stormwind

This week’s Tavern Brawl is Decorating Stormwind! This is a single-player Tavern Brawl where you look to get a high score. To “win” and gain your pack for the week you need to deal 30 damage to the City of Stormwind’s face which apparently starts the party. After that you can continue to play and gain a high score.

  • City of Stormwind’s Hero Power, Party Barracks, will play automatically as long as it has enough mana. The Hero Power will randomly generate either Happy Partygoer or Ornery Partygoer.
  • Starting on turn three, City of Stormwind’s Weapon Party Armory will gain +1 attack which buffs the minions Happy Partygoer and Ornery Partygoer.
  • You can destroy the Party Armory weapon and it does reduce in attack. It will respawn as a 0/1 at the end of the next turn. The following turn it seems like the weapon will get +2 or +3, but after that it’s back to +1 a turn.

City of Stormwind’s Deck

These are some of the possible cards that City of Stormwind will play.

Reward: You get a Journey to Un’Goro pack for completing this Tavern Brawl.

Official Description for Tavern Brawl

It’s time to prepare Stormwind for the party! The city starts undecorated, but send your minions in to dress it up! How ready can YOU get Stormwind?

Submit your Tavern Brawl deck using our Hearthstone Deck Builder and your deck could be featured on this post!

Decorating Stormwind Deck Lists

My first game I just threw together a quick Warlock Zoo list (w/Acidic Swamp Ooze) and that was a pretty easy way to just get the pack. If you have a deck that posted a very high score I can list it below if you post it via our deck builder (leave a comment with the link on this post).

Tavern Brawl Decorating Stormwind Chalkboard

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