Hearthstone Masters Tour Spring Championship 2024 Has Been Announced (April 12-14)

Finally! We now know when the first Master’s Tour event of 2024 will happen. After this year’s esports announcements in January, Blizzard went completely silent. All we knew was that the February and March seasons would be the ones used as the qualifiers.

However, it’s really weird that the announcement came so late. The event happens in 10 days and participating players are learning about it at the same time as the public.

For now the date is all we know – no info about the exact streams, casters, Twitch drops, and so on. All we know that it happens between April 12 and 14 and that the event starts at 9 AM PT (18:00 CET) each day. The good news is that the event will last for 3 days, not 2, which means that all of the games should be streamed and the event shouldn’t be rushed.

I’ll update you when we learn more… assuming we learn more, but given how much attention esports gets in 2024 I’m not even sure. Anyway, the tweet below is all we have for now:


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