(Updated: Returning & Changes) Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 7 Reveals – Duos-Specific Cards, New Heroes, Minions & Spells, Card Changes

Update: Today is the last day of Battlegrounds reveals. We got all of the returning Heroes, Minions and Spells, as well as all of the ones that will get changed in the patch (nerfed/buffed).

Blizzard has just announced Battlegrounds Season 7! Season are the big content drops in Battlegrounds, similar to the regular Hearthstone’s expansions. This one is, however, even bigger than the previous ones, because it releases with a brand new mode called Battlegrounds Duos. First announced at BlizzCon, it lets you team up with a friend (or queue solo and get a random player as your teammate) and play against three other teams with shared health and special mechanics (such as the ability to pass minions between each other for 1 gold). You can learn more about Season 7 and Duos here.

In this post, I’ll compile all of the reveals coming over the next few days. This reveal season is a bit different than the previous ones. Cards won’t be revealed one by one by Blizzard or some content creators. Instead, all of the cards will be shown at once and every creator could prepare their content ahead of time. All of the reveals will be tagged with #HearthstoneDuos, so check them out to learn what other people think about the new cards.

I’m not really a Battlegrounds expert, as you can probably tell Constructed is the main focus on this website. So instead of talking about those new cards in details, I’ll just compile all of the reveals into a single post and leave thinking to all of you.

Reveal Schedule

April 4 – Duos-Specific Cards

The Heroes, Minions and Spells listed below can only be played in Duos mode! None of them will appear in the regular Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Update: Apparently, three of the minions revealed on April 4 (Trusty Pup, Thousandth Paper Drake, and Prized Promo-Drake) will be playable in both Duos and Solo. I don’t know why they were announced today with all the Duos-exclusive cards. (Source)


Cho & Gall are unique in the sense that they can ONLY be played together as a Duo. If either player picks Cho or Gall, the other player gets the second half. After all, splitting him in half would be a bit weird…






Tier 1



Tier 2





Tier 3





Tier 4








Tier 5



Tier 6

No Tier 6 Duos-specific cards are coming in this patch.

Tier 7


April 5 – New Minions & Leaving Minions

Those new cards will be accessible in both the regular Battlegrounds and Duos.

Tier 1 – New




Tier 1 – Leaving

  • Micro Mummy
  • Southsea Busker
  • Manasaber
  • Surf n’ Surf
  • Beleaguered Battler
  • Emerald Proto-Whelp
  • Imprisoner

Tier 2 – New







Tier 2 – Leaving

  • Sewer Rat
  • Yrel
  • Cogwork Copter
  • Corpse Refiner
  • Dancing Barnstormer
  • Hungry Snapjaw
  • Humming Bird
  • Murcules
  • Briarback Bookie
  • Grave Gobbler
  • Bronze Sandspewer
  • Twilight Emissary

Tier 3 – New












Tier 3 – Leaving

  • Felfin Navigator
  • Pashmar the Vengeful
  • Legion Observer
  • Nether Drake
  • Living Constellation
  • Dreadbeard
  • Free-Flying Feathermane
  • Sore Loser
  • Paint Smudger
  • Eagill
  • Bloodsail Cannoneer
  • Felemental

Tier 4 – New











Tier 4 – Leaving

  • Strongshell Scavenger
  • Rendle the Mistermind
  • Silent Swimmer
  • Peckish Feldrake
  • Emergent Flame
  • Steadfast Spirit
  • Wayward Grimscale
  • Outback Smolderer
  • Saloon Dancer
  • Mystic Sporebat
  • Audacious Anchor
  • Lighter Fighter
  • Razorgore the Untamed
  • Menagerie Jug

Tier 5 – New









Tier 5 – Leaving

  • Bristleback Knight
  • Master of Realities
  • Critter Wrangler
  • Hunter of Gatherers
  • Banana Slamma
  • Mad Matador
  • Sandstone Drake
  • Kangor’s Apprentice
  • Mama Bear

Tier 6 – New






Tier 6 – Leaving

  • Grease Bot
  • Omega Buster
  • Mantid Queen
  • Warpwing
  • The Walking Fort
  • Greta Gold-Gun
  • Hawkstrider Herald
  • Motley Phalanx
  • Ignition Specialist

April 9 – Returning Heroes, Minions & Changes

This is the final day of reveals. Today, we’re showcasing all of the returning Heroes, Minions and Spells, as well as changes to those that are currently in the rotation.

Returning/Changed Heroes

Here’s a full list of Heroes that are returning or have been changed in the patch 29.2:






And here’s a list of Hero Changes:

  • Malygos can target spells now.
  • Hooktusk discovers from 3 minions, not 2.
  • Dinotamer Brann requires 4 Battlecry minions to get Brann instead of 5.
  • Akazamzarak’s Hero Power costs 0 and chooses from 1 of 4 fixed secrets – Venomstrike Trap, Pack Tactics, Autodefense Matrix, and Redemption. His buddy discovers from the same pool of 4.
  • Rafaam gives you a coin if Hero Power didn’t activate.
  • Y’shaarj still gives you a minion if Hero Power didn’t activate.
  • Patchwerk has 30 extra health. (Text-only change for Duos clarity)
  • Illidan is banned from Dragon games.
  • Murloc Holmes is not a part of the Battlegrounds Duos Hero Pool.
  • Sire Denathrius and E.T.C., Band Manager have been temporarily removed from Hero pool for all Battlegrounds games.
  • Professor Putricide has been temporarily removed from Hero pool for Battlegrounds Duos.

Tier 1 – Returning/Changed




Tier 2 – Returning/Changed



Tier 3 – Returning/Changed




Tier 4 – Returning/Changed


Tier 5 – Returning/Changed



Tier 6 – Returning/Changed


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