Shop Update: New & Returning Constructed Skins, Diamond & Signature Bundles

Update: Nemsy Necrofizzle is also available for purchase (for $ or Gold). She didn’t appear for me earlier when I took screenshots for the post.

Another shop update dropped today! It’s a mid-sized update offering one new and three returning Hero skins (available for gold), as well as a bunch of those… let’s just say overpriced Signature bundles. There’s also a Diamond Inventor Boom bundle which, while still expensive, is at least a much better deal than those Signature ones (it costs the same, but it comes with an extra random Signature card and 5 more packs). No new strictly card pack bundles are available, although the ones that were added earlier in the expansion are still there if you’re interested. Here are all of the new items that are available this week:

  • Happy Hazelbark Bundle (1000 Runestones or $10) – New Tier 2 Druid skin + 5 Druid card packs.
  • Magni Bronzebeard Hero Set (1500 Gold or $10) – Returning Tier 1 Warrior skin + Magni card back. Originally available as one of the first Hearthstone cosmetic skins in June 2015.
  • Nemsy Necrofizzle (1000 Gold or $7) – Returning Tier 2 Warlock skin. Originally available from Fireside Gatherings starting in October 2017.
  • Emo-Rock Aranna (1000 Gold or $7) – Returning Tier 2 Demon Hunter skin. Originally available in April 2023.
  • Torchbearer Tyrande (1000 Gold or $7) – Returning Tier 2 Priest skin. Originally available in June 2022.
  • Diamond Inventor Boom Bundle (5000 Runestones or $50) – Diamond Inventor Boom + random Signature Legendary card from Whizbang’s Workshop + 10 Whizbang’s Workshop card packs.
  • Rumble Signature Bundle (6000 Runestones or $60) – 1x Signature Gnomelia, S.A.F.E. Pilot + 2x Signature Footman + 2x Signature Night Elf Huntress + 2x Signature Warsong Grunt.
  • Signature Gnomelia Bundle (5000 Runestones or $50) – 1x Signature Gnomelia, S.A.F.E. Pilot + 5 Whizbang’s Workshop card packs.
  • Signature Fye, the Setting Sun Bundle (5000 Runestones or $50) – 1x Signature Fye, the Setting Sun + 5 Whizbang’s Workshop card packs.
  • Signature Mister Mukla Bundle (5000 Runestones or $50) – 1x Signature Mister Mukla + 5 Whizbang’s Workshop card packs.

Tier 1 skins are “premium” ones while Tier 2 are more basic. In general, Tier 1 skins tend to include more extra features like completely new emotes, Hero Power animations, and some extra visual effects. Some of those might be also included in Tier 2 skins, but usually only 1 of those special features is present (if any). It’s not an official classification – it’s just something we use to differentiate between more basic and premium skins! Blizzard has added their own “rarities” for Battlegrounds skins, but they haven’t done it so far for Constructed (the only one is Legendary with 3D animated portraits).

New items usually stay in the shop for around 1-2 weeks – sometimes it’s longer (3 or more weeks) but I wouldn’t universally count on that, so if you’re interested in one of them, get them soon.


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