Best Knights of the Frozen Throne Decks

I’ve been tracking Knights of the Frozen Throne decks for the first couple days of the launch, so here’s a list of the best ones so far. A lot can change in the next few days, even J4CKIECHAN’s Control Warlock has started to show signs of weakness. It reminds me of when Trump played Handlock on the first day of Journey to Un’Goro and it looked like a good deck but ended up falling apart. I’m not saying Control Warlock is bad, it just remains to be seen whether or not it will stand the test of time.

What we’ve learned so far: Druid is really good, and Bonemare might actually see legitimate play in meta decks. The Lich King is a solid inclusion in most control or midrange decks.

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I’m going to keep this post updated when I find that a deck has made a big enough mark to be added to the list, so check back to find more of the best decks.


I’ve cut a couple of decks from the list (Control Paladin & Tempo Warrior) and added decks that are pretty obviously good like Pirate Warrior & Aggro Token Druid. I’ve also added the new deck Big Priest which seems surprisingly good and super fun to play!

The Best Knights of the Frozen Throne Decks

If there was one class I’m fairly sure is going to be around for the length of the expansion then it’s Druid. Kolento got to #1 Legend with a Midrange Token list, and while being #1 isn’t as big of an achievement as it usually is, it’s still pretty impressive no matter when it is done. Cards that have stood out so far are Spreading Plague, Malfurion the Pestilent, and Ultimate Infestation. Druid has quite a few interesting builds at the moment, we’ll see which one ends up being the best!

The Control or Demon Handlock continues to become more refined as the meta starts to settle down. It remains to be seen how good the deck is once the more aggressive decks come out to play again.

Not surprising but Jade Druid is really strong… I don’t really need to follow that up, but the deck has likely gotten better with the addition of Spreading Plague, Malfurion the Pestilent, and Ultimate Infestation. And unfortunately for players, it doesn’t appear that Skulking Geist is necessarily going to save us from its Wrath!

Paladin was really good in the Un’Goro meta and it continues to be really good now. I would say currently that this is the deck to beat as it can take down pretty much every deck in its path and has very few weak matchups.

Paladin also seems like one of the best decks to counter Druid currently!

Shaman got a lot in the way of Freeze synergy, but it doesn’t appear that it’s going to be heading in that direction. Lucky for the class that Evolve Shaman was strong going into the new expansion, and it continues to be strong now!

Hunter is in kind of a weird place. This is one of the decks I’m not very confident in, but the deck is pretty good right now if you can avoid aggressive decks. I wouldn’t really seek to craft this one, but if you have the cards it’s a really fun deck to play!

Secret Mage appears to be one of the decks at Mage’s disposal currently. Early on Exodia Mage saw signs of life, but it’s very difficult to play and doesn’t do well against the current meta.

Miracle Rogue has a long pedigree in Hearthstone so it getting a minor update and continuing to be a strong deck is not surprising. I think the jury might still be out on whether or not Valeera the Hollow is worth playing.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise but Pirate Warrior is still an extremely strong deck. You don’t have to add any new cards really, but Phantom Freebooter does see play in some versions.

Another deck that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone is Aggro Token Druid. Just a super fast deck that got bolstered by a couple new cards in Crypt Lord and Druid of the Swarm.

I’m a bit surprised about this list, but Big Priest is making some waves and might actually be better than the Highlander Kazakus Priest! Obviously the meta is still forming and this deck is relatively new so we’ll see if it continues to impress!

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