Hearthstone Secret Cheat Sheets

It can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly what condition must be met for a secret to trigger in Hearthstone. These secret cheat sheets will give you a quick way to know which secrets are possible, and what you can do to play around them. If the particular secret has been rotated into the Wild format it will be indicated by the Wild icon under the card.

Update 9/27/17

All secret cheat sheets have been updated for the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion!

Hunter Secret Cheat Sheet

Hunter’s secrets can be quite powerful and take a lot of tempo away from their opponent.

Mage Secret Cheat Sheet

Mage has a wide variety of secrets that can really force their opponent into bad plays.

Paladin Secret Cheat Sheet

Paladin secrets are arguably the worst of the bunch. They were a lot stronger when secrets could activate on your own turn.

All Secrets Cheat Sheet

If you prefer your secret cheat sheet in the all-in-one variety then I’ve got you covered!

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