Community Hearthstone Decks of the Week – June 23rd, 2016

More new decks and guides from our community this week! Be sure to check out the Hearthstone Championship Tour’s Americas Spring Championship this weekend, I’ve posted all of the decks right here.

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These decks are chosen based on originality, popularity, and guide construction. Utilization of all aspects of the deck builder, e.g., Featured Image, Deck Description, and Mulligans makes you far more likely to be chosen.

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I like this idea of a more midrange version of Warlock Zoo. The deck includes C’Thun synergy which works as on curve minions until you can swing or finish the game with C'Thun.

Thanks to GreyFeather for the submission!

Now this is KIND of a C’Thun Shadow Priest, but it doesn’t include C’Thun. Yes, there is no C'Thun, but it uses some of the stronger C’Thun minions to compete with your opponent on the board while you get value from your Shadowform.

Thanks to Vynistal for the submission!

There’s always a Control-ish Shaman floating around, but it’s usually overshadowed by the aggressive version of Shaman. This deck seeks to use Windfury, Leeroy Jenkins, and Faceless Manipulator for an extremely powerful combo to finish your opponent.

Thanks to SpringTail for the submission!

Reno Rogue has gained a bit of popularity so it’s not surprising to see a few versions floating around. Radeh includes a nice little guide to accompany this version!

Thanks to Radeh for the submission!

Reno Mage is still looking for its place on the ladder, this version has Dragon, N’Zoth, and C’Thun synergy!

Thanks to Nefesha for the submission!