One Night in Karazhan (Wing Three) The Menagerie Guides!

It’s week three of One Night in Karazhan and that means the release of The Menagerie. Barnes was the big deal last week, but now we’ve got what many people felt like might be the best card in the set releasing, Menagerie Warden. Another card to look out for is The Curator, which could potentially bring some strong card draw to certain decks. There’s been comparisons to the pre-nerf Ancient of Lore which was a very impressive card for Druid. We’ll see which cards are here to stay in the upcoming weeks!

I will be updating the guides throughout the day with deck lists and more information, but for now you can check out the Hero Powers and some of the unique cards you’ll be facing in The Menagerie.

The Menagerie wing likely opens at 10am PST!

The Opera Guides (One Night in Karazhan)