Hearthstone’s Best Wild Ladder Decks (May 2017, Season 38)

With Blizzard focusing more on the Wild Format, I figured it was time to have a place to gather all the best deck lists from Wild. The Wild format encompasses a ton of cards, so while the decks here listed are some of the best, there will be a few variations and lists that might be missed.

Best Wild Hearthstone Decks for Ladder

This is a list of the best Wild decks for EACH class. This isn’t a tiered list of decks, so a class like Hunter that is really weak in Wild will not get you as far as a class like Shaman that has multiple higher tier decks.

If you’re curious which decks are the absolute best for Wild, then check out Control’s list of the top-5 decks or /r/WildHearthstone’s Meta Tier List!

Control’s Top-5 Wild Deck Lists

Best Wild Druid Decks

Best Wild Hunter Decks

Hunter is the weakest class in wild, so only use decks from this class if you are just playing for fun.

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