The Greater Crater Promotion – Get Bonus Card Packs With Every Un’Goro Bundle!

The Greater Crater Promotion adds bonus packs to the Journey Un’Goro card pack bundles. Don’t forget to use Amazon Coins to get those Hearthstone packs cheaper!

Edit: The guaranteed Legendary in the first 10 packs that was mentioned here begins when the next expansion is released!

Original Pack Bundles Special Pack Bundles Cost (USD)
7 packs +2 packs = 9 packs total $9.99
15 packs +5 packs = 20 packs total $19.99
40 packs +12 packs = 52 packs total $49.99
60 packs +18 packs = 78 packs total $69.99

The 60 card bundle is only available on PC.

Elise Starseeker and her junior explorers have stumbled upon a fascinating discovery: a crater full of card packs! Starting in the next few days, we’re having a special limited time promotion for Journey to Un’Goro card pack bundles: the price stays the same, but the number of packs gets dino-sized!


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