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Hearthstone Epic Crafting Guide (Standard) – The Witchwood Meta

Determining which Epic Hearthstone card to craft can be a tough decision for experienced and new players alike. If you craft a card and find it less useful than initially expected, the best you can get is one-fourth of your Arcane Dust back. Be sure to also check out Legendary crafting guide! Our […]

How-to Beat Captain Shivers Boss Guide – Tracker’s Monster Hunt Nemesis!

Captain Shivers is one of the final bosses you will potentially face on the way to completing your Monster Hunt run! Our guide details all of the information you will need to know to defeat this boss! Captain Shivers Basic Information Starting Health: 75 Hero Power: […]

Monster Hunt Guide – Monsters, Bosses List, Treasure List, and Tips & Tricks

If you loved the Dungeon Runs from Kobolds & Catacombs then I think you are going to like the Monster Hunt in The Witchwood! Our Monster Hunt guide covers all of the ins-and-outs of this single-player mode for the new expansion and features a heroes, bosses, and equipment list as well as some tips and […]

How-to Beat Hagatha the Witch – The Final Boss of the Monster Hunt!

While you may have made it through your bosses with the Cannoneer, Houndmaster, Time-Tinker, and Tracker you have not faced off against your actual final foe! The true final boss in the Monster Hunt is none other than Hagatha the Witch! We will be going through the ins-and-outs of the final boss battle with tips […]

Cannoneer Tips and Tricks Guide – Best Cards, Treasures, Equipment!

Cannoneer is one of the monster hunters you will get to choose from in the new Monster Hunt mode. We’ll be listing all of the tips and tricks, best treasures and equipment, for you to make your way through some fierce beasts on your way to the final nemesis and then to Hagatha! […]