Hallow’s End Event Teaser? Wild Cards Coming Back to Standard Again?

Okay, so let me get this straight – I might be reading too much into it and it might be another one of those fun, meaningless Hearthstone social media posts. But given that I already suspected we’ll be getting an event akin to 2019’s “Doom in the Tomb”, this would fit.

Blizzard just posted an image with a recipe for “Bob’s Spicy Seasonal Cinder”. They actually do post stuff like this sometimes, but usually it makes sense. However, this “recipe” is all over the place, but it features a lot of the old Witchwood cards. Not only it makes it much more “Hallow’s End”, but we also might have gotten a list of some of the cards that will be making a comeback:

Of course, keep in mind that this would be far from a full list. We have three Druid cards, three Neutral cards and two Priest cards. If we assume three cards per class + some Neutrals, that would be a really big deal and probably a big meta shake-up, something like a whole new mini-set.

Also, if you think that some of those cards are too weak for current Standard… you’re right, but remember that last time Blizzard actually re-balanced some of the cards from Doom in the Tomb, so many of those could get buffed. For example, I could totally see Witchwood Apple being playable at 1 mana, or maybe a Rotten Applebaum as a 4/6 / healing for more.

And how about you? Do you think that it might be a teaser or am I trying too hard to find some clues?


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