Tempo Warrior (KFT September 2017)

Class: Warrior - Format: Mammoth - Type: Tempo - Season: 42

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Deck Import


Welcome to my guide of [greedy] Tempo Warrior for the September 2017 season.

This deck uses pirates for early game threat and bigger minions later into the game.

Always look for N’zoths first mate, FWA, forge, or any of the early game minions: Frothing Berserker, Acolyte,etc.

YOU can take out the pirates for other cards like second execute, shield blocks, second ravaging ghoul or other early minions.

Rotface is not needed in this deck you could try a Malkorok, or big creatures for the late game.

Forge of Souls is not mandatory I use it for better weapon draw and deck slimming.

Bittertide is a greedy card to use,  up to you what you want to put. Try Fool’s Bane if you want, so fun and easily clears huge boards.

Skulking Geist is obviously a spot where you can put in whatever tech card if you don’t run  into Jade Druids or Evolve Shamans.

I will refine this deck soon, pls comment and rate for feedback, Appreciate everything, but most of all have fun in the inn!

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