Reborn Heal Priest (Devine Spirit+ Inner Fire)

Class: Priest - Format: dragon - Type: tempo - Season: season-64 - Style: theorycraft

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Deck Import


I decided to go for Reborn tempo-ish Priest deck that focuses on getting minions out early and making them stick. Reborn already works best in Priest as you can heal your minions with Circle of Healing or Neferset Ritualist after they return. I wanted to put the focus on board control with less draw, rather than a potential combo with Amet and Boar. But you have quite a few small minions like Grandmummy Northshire ClericEVIL Conscripter and the lackey you get from it, which can put down multiple threats in one turn with High Priest Amet

Wretched Reclaimer is a card that seems especially good using on mionions whiche were already reborn. But seems also legit to just use on Grandmummy on curve or with coin on Blademaster .

Not too sure about Mojomaster and Grizzly yet..

Grizzly seems good in Aggro matchups and Mojomaster might be good blocking AoE in Control matchups. 

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