Rafaam and Galakrond Heroic Boss Deck List – Galakrond’s Awakening Chapter 4

Class: Paladin - Style: adventure-mode

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Deck Import

Once again, it’s the difficulty of the Standard encounter which is meant to be the challenge here (the same hero powers and health totals are in play), and there isn’t really a way to grind out all the Devastations once Galakrond comes online. We went back to basics and opted for the first deck we’ve highlighted in this series of articles: Holy Wrath Paladin. There’s a twist on the standard gameplan: you need to find a turn where it’s safe to drop down Alexstrasza once Rafaam transforms into his final form, but since the AI happily swings its weapon into the dragon the one time it can without dying, Zephrys the Great can often deliver the killing blow without Shirvallah, the Tiger setups. A standard build was completely enough to get us over the line, but needless to say, the plethora of tools in Wild will make this a cakewalk if you need some additional help.

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