Odd Pirate Rogue

Class: Rogue - Format: raven - Type: tempo - Season: season-49 - Style: ladder

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This is a Baku the Mooneater  deck, which loses all the good Even cards as BackstabEviscerate or Prince Keleseth, but earns an improved 2/2 Weapon as Hero power, which gives you a huge boost to your trades and average damage/mana. This setup moves around sinergy with Pirates, Weapon Boosting, huge Tempo plays, while building a decent board to deliver the blows.

Your main target is making the trades with minions always (if possible) with your Weapon, leaving your board for connecting face as much as possible, but as always thinking when a good trade might bring you a best setup on future turns, or if face is the way to go.

Card Choices

  • Cutthroat Buccaneer  : Pirate who boost the dmg of our weapon, while having a 2/4 body is a bit slow, he can survive early AOE and achieve some trades. As a combo card with 3 mana cost, you cannot curve it after the 2 mana hero power turn (except by Coin), which makes it a little bit slow, but in overall has great sinergy with this deck archetype. If you aren’t sure about this card, Vicious Fledgling is a good replacement, or even Tar Creeper if you are facing too much Aggro.
  • Fan of Knives  : Your only way of card draw and AOE. Aimed for token/low health minion removal, as in matches vs Odd Paladins, Odd Hunters or Zoolock.
  • Hench-Clan Thug  : Great tempo card for a 3th turn after Hero Power the turn before, leaving a 4/4 body after weapon trading, not so easy to remove that can be boosted beyond that.
  • Marsh Drake  : As Hench-Clan Thug  , great 3th turn drop with huge stats, that can put pressure enough on your opponent to counter it fast, or start losing health. The Drakeslayer left by the battlecry can be easily removed by your weapon, or even a 1 mana drop although not being the best choice. 
  • Captain Greenskin : You might think this card is not that necessary, but an improved weapon that last 1 extra turn, plus a 5/4 body that has sinergy with an early Southsea Captain  is an excellent way of turning the game at your favor. But if you want a budget choice (although doesn’t work in the same way), you could add a Bittertide Hydra   instead.
  • Vilespine Slayer  : I only included 1 as a last way of dealing a threat, cause normally Ironbeak Owls  are enough way to your minions to bypass your enemy’s board, but sometimes you might need it. A budget choice can be Assassinate , that doesn’t need Combo, but leaves no body afterwards. If you doesn’t seem to need either of both cards, Bittertide Hydra  is a good replace for a more aggresive composition.

There isn’t much about to say about the rest of the cards: Cobalt Scalebane   and Fungalmancer  are there for boosting your board; Ironbeak Owl  is the needed Silence minion for Odd decks; Southsea Captain  is the butter ‘n cream of your Pirate pack; Leeroy Jenkins at least has chicken. 

Deck Basics

Normally, you’ll be aiming to start with a standard 3 Turn sequence:

  1. 1 Mana cost Minion.
  2. Hero Power. (Trade/Face/Save)
  3. 3 Mana cost Minion + Weapon.

Different outcomes can happen:

But sometimes you won’t be allowed to play like this, like having to play a Fan of Knives against an Odd Paladin, or need to cast and early Ironbeak Owl against a future threat.

Take in mind this deck can snowball easily after those succesfull 3 turns, but sometimes losing tempo by keeping your enemy from building his board might be a wise choice.

Deck vs Deck

vs Combo decks (Shudderwock/Cubelock/…): You need to keep Ironbeak Owl  and aim hard at early board building with Hench-Clan Thug or Marsh Drake (minions that can resist board clears/early trades), as combo decks play around slow early removals, board clears, card draw, while aiming for their combo strat.

vs Control decks (Big spell mage/Control Warlock/…): You need to put seriously board pressure, while caring about board clears, so be wise in the minions you drop. Essentially, best choices are again Hench-Clan Thug and Marsh Drake at turn 3, that can resist early removals and bulk up from there. This deck is not like Face Hunter ones, it can overcome and rebuild after a board clear, but sometimes you might not, so think about your opponent possible plays.

vs Aggro decks (Odd Paladin/Odd Hunter/…): Keep a Fan of Knives for remove their tokens/low minions, and take all possible threats with your weapon, leaving your board to go face as much as you can. Aggro decks are more straight forward, but more aggresive than your deck, so try to think when is a good time to trade or rush face.


The deck works great for me as i’m ranking right now from rank 4 to Leyend, it bursts through heavily against several decks, and as Golakka Crawler sees no play at the moment, you won’t be teched easily. But as this week goes on, and the meta stablishes, time will tell if this deck can take his place.

Any suggestion, correction or any kind of feedback is welcome!

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Discuss This Deck
  1. RedPandaBear
    April 18, 2018 at 4:48 am

    Hey mate, nice adaptation of the list !
    I like the pirates adaptation, to work with the enhanced weapon.
    Not sure about Fungalmancer though, you already have a lot of 5 drops. And your board isn’t really resilient. I would probably go for SI-7 instead, to help against aggro decks, and it would be a nice 3 drop when you can’t play the Marsh Drake (sometimes, you have to pick another trade with your weapon, or there is a Tar creeper blocking the way).
    I also like to include the Dire Mole in that deck, helps a lot against odd Paladins to trade the tokens, and it’s pretty resilient.
    May be cut one Acherus, or a Marsh drake to include it.

    • Epinefrine
      April 18, 2018 at 4:04 pm

      Hi pal, thanks for the suggestions! Dire Mole is a great choice, I’m gonna add 1 copy in replace of 1 Acherus.

      In the case of Fungalmancer, it worked great for me, I believe 1 copy has to be included, as right now a huge amount of Taunts are being played, but all with a base of 3 attack or around, Fungalmancer bulk your minions Hp to receive low dmg on that trades, and hopefully the amount of dmg to by pass those walls.
      You could replace 1 for Hydra, in order to gain a resilient card.

      As for SI7, I tried as it’s a great card, but again another 3 mana cost card, and this deck has too many already. But also at 2th turn you already have a 2 turns way of dealing 2 dmg, so you won’t find a match in which you will want him to be played in coined 3rd turn, instead of a Hench or a Marsh.
      Combo in a 4th turn is a posibility, but i found myself playing always Hero Power on that turn, to buff my weapon next turns, or keep bulking a Hench on board.
      But as always, it can be a good choice depending on your play style, you could even remove 2 x Buccaneer if you find them too slow, and add 2 x SI7.

      Thanks again for the feedback pal!

  2. Martinos
    April 17, 2018 at 9:24 am

    replacements for captain greenskin?

    • Epinefrine - Author
      April 17, 2018 at 1:18 pm

      You could replace him with Bittertide Hydra, although not being the same, as Greenskin gives so much value with the weapon boost. Also with all the Odd paladin spamming tokens, Shaman with Volcanos, and Warlock’s AOEs, playing an Hydra might get you in trouble, but if they don’t have answer for it, then they are in trouble.

  3. Epinefrine - Author
    April 15, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Currently rank 3 and going up with this deck, 15 – 6 score, and seems a lot of players didn’t face this deck before, so they couldn’t play around my list. I have good hopes Ford this deck to keep going up.

    • Braveden
      April 15, 2018 at 3:25 pm

      love this deck, and the idea of playing pirates again. nice guide, thanks for putting all this together!

      • Epinefrine - Author
        April 16, 2018 at 6:35 pm

        Thanks pal! Yeah pirates are great, they’ll always see play in at least some decks.

      April 16, 2018 at 12:15 pm

      Bravo man nice deck i tried it the result was well 7-2

      • Epinefrine - Author
        April 16, 2018 at 6:32 pm

        Thanks bro, enjoy the deck! Any feedback or sugestion is welcome!