Odd Arcane Mage

Class: Mage - Format: raven - Season: season-55 - Style: fun

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OK, so i’ve been testing this deck for a couple of days and its been working fine so far.

it’s not as explosive as other mage decks but it has better defensive capabilities (obviously not as much as Big Spell tho).

the 2dmg HP is great and Black CatShooting Star or Breath of Sindragosa gives the deck some very good capacities to control the table in the early and midgame.

At the end, the deck rellies in the synergies between Archmage Antonidas and the low cost spells to get the final punch to kill the enemy Hero.

I would have like to include Frost Lich Jaina into the deck but since i don’t own her, i put Ysera instead to get some end game value. Not sure about them tho, so far this deck feels like it should end the game before getting that late in the game.

Final Note: Black Cat and Arcane Intellect seem to grant enough card draw, so i dont think is necesary to add any more.

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