Midrange Jademental Shaman

Class: Shaman - Format: mammoth - Type: midrange - Season: season-37 - Style: ladder

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Hi everyone,

This is my version of Jade elemental Shaman that allowed me to climb easy from rank 8 to 5, and keep going good! if you want a full guide upvote the deck and i’ll provide you all the info about this deck that (IMHO) can challenge any other meta deck right now! 

10 upvote: mulligan strategy

25 upvote: card replacement

50 upvote: full guide


Edit 4/23: added mulligan guide and card replacement! I want to thank everyone for the upvotes, 15 more and full deck strategy will be implemented! Let me know every doubt and question you have and i will be happy to answer you!

Edit 4/26: WOW we reached 50+ upvotes! thank you guys! as promised, there you go the full guide ( if not 100% complete i will update daily!)

If you want to ask questions in game or see me playing the deck, just add me in battle.net (KukumaÐeÐa #2555 EU server)

Mulligan guide


In general you want to mull for Fire Fly, Jade Claws, Maelstrom Portal , as these cards are your powerhouse for early games. If you start second and have Fire Fly, you can keep Flametongue Totem as well, as it combos nicely for early pressure.


In ladder you will only see token druid. if you can survive the first 2-3 turns you have won the game. hard mull for Jade ClawsLightning StormMaelstrom Portal


Now,if you don’t know whitch archetype your opponent is, search for early game power cards as listed above. If you know your opponent is Miracle, you can Mulligan for Jade Lightning, Mana Tide Totem or Hex, all these cards will make you prepared for his Auctioneer turn. Against Quest rogue, your win condition is Bloodlust, this card won me all the games against quest rogue, so keep it in starting hand, ALWAYS!!! they have slow early game, so if you can make a board, even of small minions, before they can finish their quest, almost always you have enough damage to finish them with bloodlust!


Against pirate, mulligan for your early cards, if you can have both Fire Fly and Maelstrom Portal in your starting hand you win almost all the time. Against Quest, you have two choices: go for all in damage (in this case go for Fire Fly, Flametongue Totem), or go for elemental sinergy (Fire Plume Phoenix, Hot Spring Guardian, Servant of Kalimos, as you will win for valuegame.

Card replacement

This deck is kinda cheap, but if you don’t have the legs or other cards, don’t worry! 

Obviously Kalimos is way more flexible, as AoE dmg or 12 Heals are nuts, but you can go for a second Blazecaller if you don’t own the king of elementals.

Best sub, 4-4 body with 2 2-3 taunt is nice, tho you will miss the sweet aya deathrattle.

Maelstrom Portal is really a must have in all shaman decks, and is the strongest early game aoe; if you don’t own Kharazan tho, i found that Primalfin Totem can be a pain in the a** cause it forces a removal and you have at least a minion to trade.

How to play


Ok guys, first thing to be aware while playing this deck is: this is not a muloc pally, nor a quest rogue and neither a token druid. This deck is not easy to play, you gotta make hard decision and think about every card, planning your next turns while playing. You’ll need some games to master it, but i can assure you it’ll do wonders once you’ve learned how to play it (was stuck at rank 8 with taunt warrior, made this deck and in 2 days reached rank 5, now rank 4 with little effort). So, with no more chit-chat, let’s get deeper into this Jademental deck!


  • Know your opponent: you have to figure out what your opponent is playing ASAP, that way you’ll know which are his threaths and how to counter them. Let’s make an exemple: you’re facing an Hunter… 90% chance he’ll be midrange. Start mulliganing for Fire FlyMaelstrom PortalJade Claws, so you can answer his Alleycat and Crackling Razormaw. then you draw Hex… how to use it? on a Rat Pack? Could be ok, since he can buff it with Houndmaster, but if I have a trade i go for the trade, cause i want to save it for Savannah Highmane and make a big tempo play. This brings us to the next general rule:

  • Use your cards wisely: while mastering this deck i lost some games due to bad usage of my spells, removal, or battlecries just because i thought “OMG i need to kill that thing with all i have” and then died some turnes later ’cause i didn’t have that exact card or removal. Hex, for exemple, i tend to use it only with my opponent win cards or strong Deathrattle cards (Tirion FordringSavannah Highmane and so on. most of the time if i can choose to hex or Jade Lightning and trade an Arcane Golem, i choose to trade, cause i know he can make a huuuge Edwin VanCleef. this is not a dogma tho: if you can hex a taunt to set up for lethal next turn, go for it!

  •  Elementals: how to play them?: general rule is to play them to make a big tempo swing with their Battlecry, but not always is true! Many times i won the game just bringing a solid 7-7 body with Kalimos, Primal Lord after my opponent used most of his removals, or just having a body on my board like Servant of Kalimos. This, anyway, happens rarely, as we have good elementals that don’t need an activation ( looking at you, sweet Fire Elemental and Fire Plume Phoenix.


This card. Man i love this card, but when and how to use it? The easiest answer is “to finish your opponent off!” and you’re right, most of the time you use it for that purpose… but not always. If I can trade my fireflies and totems with their big taunt and big minions, god i use bloodlust for that. they lose so many expensive cards and you lose your hero power+ 1 drop. then i can use my big buddies. Another scenario is: if i bloodlust this turn i can do 15-20 dmg, but my opponent is at 30… should i wait to use it later to finish him off or contest his furure drops? Well you have to think about that. 15-20 dmg are ALOT and your opponent will poop in his pants after that swing, but use it that way if you have answers next turns (i.e. HexVolcanoBlazecaller activated, Kalimos, Primal Lord activated. With this deck is kinda easy to deal 15 dmg in the face just with elemental’s battlecry, so, if you got the right hand, don’t be afraid to use bloodlust to bring the fear of lethal to your opponent.

Why phoenix over stoneshaper? he’s a taunt with divine shield for only 4 mana and has elemental sinergy!

Yes, that’s true. but i love to play Servant of Kalimos at turn 5… and i love to do 2 dmg wherever i want on turn 4, then trade a 4 or 6 health minion with just Jade Claws and/or my firefly Hot Spring Guardian



Here i am against aggro murloc pally. 


Silence priest.. Oh man i love them.


Vs token druid.

Ok guys for now that’s all the time i have to upgrade the guide, i’ll make more later today and in the next days, stay tuned and 


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  1. ReckSters
    April 25, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Tried it, at Rank 10, no stars, 0-5. Against 4 different classes and I got my a** handed to me each time, it was not even close. It cannot keep up a medium tempo unless you have perfect cards in the first 3-4 turn, imagine a fast tempo.

    I’m looking for a deck that can bring me to Rank 5. And this deck is not working for me.

    • Kukumadeda - Author
      April 26, 2017 at 12:06 am

      Really wierd mate, these days I had little time to play but i got rank 4 with little effort… today i will Make a more complete guide so try to read it then try again, i’m sure it will help!!

  2. ValentinoM
    April 24, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Guide, please =)

    • Kukumadeda - Author
      April 26, 2017 at 12:03 am

      sorry these days I had no time to update the guide, i’ll do it Today! stay tuned!;)

  3. MisterAwesome
    April 24, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    If I don’t have Aya is it even worth running the jades ?

    • Kukumadeda - Author
      April 25, 2017 at 12:31 am

      yes, because shaman’s Jade Cards are really strong and hard top replace!!!!

    • ValentinoM
      April 25, 2017 at 3:44 am

      Maybe you can try Lotus Agents, similar Body as Aya and you can try to grab a Jade synergy card

  4. GarlicNinja
    April 23, 2017 at 7:51 am

    We want the card replacements!

  5. Sparkz
    April 22, 2017 at 4:57 am

    I’ve played a variant of this myself, but I was wondering… Why did you exclude Jade Spirit? I feel like even throwing 1 in helps. I think I might see why though because looking at this deck list. I am having trouble reasoning why a certain card should be removed.
    Have you considered the new stone sentinel? Makes for great late game taunt.

    • Kukumadeda - Author
      April 22, 2017 at 5:33 am

      Jade Spirits are too slow in the current meta, while jinyu and fireplume are really strong 4-drops (the first against aggressive decks, the second has a really good sinergy with servant and 2 dmg bc is always good attached to a 3-3 body).
      I used to play stone sentinel, but many times it is just a 4-4 for 7 mana (terrible!) while other elemental are still decent even without the battlecry… Tomorrow i will update the guide,so stay tuned!

      • Sparkz
        April 22, 2017 at 10:26 am

        Yeah, the thing with the 4 drops is true, i had the same thoughts when try to think of replacements.
        Looking forward to that guide though