Mecha’thun OTK featuring Plaguebringer (July ’19)

Class: Rogue - Format: dragon - Type: combo - Season: season-64 - Style: fun

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General Mulligans

Weirdly, if you're already holding an EVIL Miscreant (which you want) it's not necessarily a terrible idea to keep hold of Togwaggle, especially if you think it'll be a slower match up. Other than that card draw - always card draw.

Aggro Mulligans

Anything to try and keep the board clear.

Combo Mulligans

If it's Mage, it'll be Cyclone/Conjurer ... in which case you're probably going to want ways to remove big things, Wild Pyromancer, Plaguebringer and a cheap spell will completely clear the board - or Walk the Plank for a single Giant before it's hit with Conjurer's Calling.

Remember you'll need one Walk the Plank to kill Mecha'thun at the end otherwise it'll be a matter of just smacking your opponent in the face with him and hoping they don't have Polymorph!

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