K&C Theorycraft Big Spell Mage

Class: Mage - Format: mammoth - Season: season-45

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General Mulligans

The sooner you can remove Ice Block from your deck, the better. Play that Arconologist!

Since this deck is so top heavy, having minions early is vital

I gotta say: it feels weird not auto-including Fireball, Frost Bolt, and Primordial Glyph. But, those cards are not this deck. At least I don’t think they are, I guess we’ll see.

This deck hopes to capitalize on the new mechanic from K&C, casting Mage spells that cost 5 or more. Each Deck of Wonders will put 5 cards like that in your deck, which you then cast for free when you draw them. Raven's Familiar will hopefully put those cards into your hand so you can cast them. Dragon's Fury and Arcane Artificer will hopefully keep you alive long enough to gain serious value with Dragoncaller Alanna

Spiteful Summoner and Arcane Tyrant are two cards I’m interested in, but I don’t know how good they’ll actually be.

The only spell in the deck less that 5 cost is Ice Block, but I hope that the Arcanologist‘s can get those out of the way for cards like Raven Familiar, Spiteful Summoner, and Dragon's Fury. It is also key in keeping yourself alive, so you can get those extra turns in order to finish your opponent off.

Lastly, I wonder how Sorcerer's Apprentice will interact with the “5 cost or more” mechanic. In Magic the Gathering, cards have a converted mana cost, which was the printed cost on the card regardless if it cost more or less mana to cast. So for example, if a card checked to see if a spell cost 5 or more, it always checked the converted mana cost. Does Hearthstone have something like this? If I cast Deck of Wonders or Dragon's Fury with Sorcerer's Apprentice on the battlefield, does that mean they won’t count towards Dragoncaller Alanna? Let me know what you guys think.

Feel free to comment if you think I should change the deck up at all. Also, I’m posting this before all of the spoilers are revealed, so this is liable to change once the set is released. 

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