Elemental Quest Hunter (Season 38)

Class: Hunter - Format: mammoth - Type: midrange - Season: season-38 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

Fire fly: Adds two points to the quest and will typically be played on turn 2 right after the quest. one of the best cards in the deck. the token can be saved for a garented way to activate your elemental synergy later on if you have another one drop.

Knife juggler: Another good turn 2 play, with the amount of low cost cards you can easily activate this multiple times and can ping off low health enemies.

Marsh Queen: There are few matchups that you can aford sending the quest back, those being pirate warrior and quest rouge. altho this is still useful against pirate warrior assuming you have the cards to survive the early game and its your win condition against them, plus if its quest warrior you woulda insta lost tossing this. and quest rouge is kind of a hopeless matchup regardless.

Aggro Mulligans

Golakka crawler: Against druid and warrior you always want to keep this card. this deck can struggle against aggro decks who can simply outpace it and with the deck's lack of aoe or removel it can be hard to get back board control. this card will ease alot of pressure.

Hungry crab: Same reason as Golakka Crawler only with paladin instead, not a bad keep against druid or shaman either. if there not aggro hey, at least it helps the quest.

Glacial shard: Helps the quest and the freeze effect is quite good against aggro decks. its best kept only if you have another one drop to go along side this turn two.

Control Mulligans

Igneous Elemental: This card is three elemental activators in one, possibly the strongest card in the deck for that. this deck is unlikely to pass turn two and this curves amazingly into Tol'vir stonshaper, not to mention the tokens help the quest and can activate Kalimos or Blazecaller.

I am a person who loves off meta stuff, i like trying to take the weird and unconventional and trying to make it work. After testing this deck over the past month or two, this is the version of it i have had the most success with. This deck trys to lean off the one drop requirements of the quest and focuses on elemental synergy and the 1/2 elemental tokens to complete the quest. This is a Midrange deck, do not try to play it like face hunter, you will fail. This deck trades the crazy early aggression and throws away many staple hunter cards with incredible amounts of fuel. the quest combined with cards like servant of kalimos allow this deck to keep the pressure on for a long time. 

Tips, Combos, and my reasoning for having some seemingly odd cards:

You may be wondering why there are no Trackings in this deck, or no Highmane. the reason being that, if tracking goes over your 1 drops it can delay the quest several turns which can be disastrous. As for Highmane, funny enough, its too slow. its stats are not threatening enough, well it is hard to remove by the time Highmane comes down you will likely have started to lose board control meaning it can mostly be ignored and have the enemy just SMOrc.

Frozen crusher’s statline is far more threatening and demands removal far more then Highmane does well still being hard to kill outside of destroy or transform effects. it will often trade very well or push in alot of damage before being frozen, but thats were Argus comes into play. once you start losing board control being able to give taunt to Carnassa and Frozen Crusher makes it very hard for the enemy to push in any more face damage, allowing you time to stabilize and use your high amounts of fuel to your advantage. Argus is best for this reason but can be used early on to grant value trades, just keep in mind the risk.

Tundra Rhino is another weird choice seeing as there are hardly any beasts in the deck. However it is another very powerful tool for helping you stabilize around mid-late game. Combined with the Raptors off the quest allows you to get back board control without running out of fuel thanks to there card draw, and becomes a win condition in and of itself if it stays on board for a turn, which happens more often then you think!

And the last thing i’d like to address in this section are what your looking for off Kalimos. Generally you want more ways to complete the quest assuming its not done yet, so stuff like Fire Flys, Igneous Elemental, ex. Or if your quest is nearing completion or your in late game, getting big threats like Frozen Crusher, or Blazecaller, or even another Servant of Kalimos are all great picks. Tar Creeper is another great card which i was very tempted to include in this deck. This card despite being defensive in nature can make it very hard for any minion based deck, even control, to get back board control. its particularly strong against any forms of druid. Never a bad pick, consider the match-up and board state before grabbing the Tar.

This deck is by no means perfect, and it may take a while to get used to the fact that it is far from a face deck. Good luck if you decide to try this, i look forward to having constructive conversations about this deck. GL and HF!

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