Echos KFT Mill Rogue! Oct 2017 (Season 43) Great against Priest and Druid!

Class: Rogue - Format: mammoth - Type: fatigue - Season: season-43 - Style: ladder

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Hello guys!

Here’s my version of the post nerf Mill Rogue! Keep in mind that the current meta is not really the Mill Rogue’s forté, but i guarantee you that you will have fun playing this deck! My version is inspired by Savjz, but is a bit more on the defensive side. This deck does well against Priest, Control Warlock and Druid, but can have some issues against agro unless you play very well.


Your plan is to kill your opponent by making him draw all of his cards and eventually die to the fatigue damage.

Your key card is obviously Coldlight Oracle, and you wanna mulligan for it in (almost) every matchup! 
They’re many ways to bounce the Oracle back, like Shadowstep, Youthful Brewmaster or even  Vanish, but make sure to always have a way to bounce it back in to your hand before you start going crazy. If you lose one of your Oracles, it’s gonna be a lot harder to reach the goal.

Defensive tools such as Backstab, DoomsayerEviscerate, Shadow Strike, Shadowblade, Tar Creeper and Prince Valanar will help you maintain the board while you slowly draw your opponent closer and closer to his inevitable death. Keep in mind that only 1x copy of Shadowblade should be used for trading away early minions. The 2nd copy will be a crucial part of the ending combo.

Vanish should also be used with caution. A considered bad Vanish would be if your opponent has 7 cards in hand, 2 minions on board, you feel a bit threatened and you use Vanish to get out of harms way. This isn’t necessarily wrong or bad, but let’s say you have 8 cards in hand and your opponent has the same amount. If you then play Preparation followed by a  Coldlight Oracle, you would’ve effectively destroyed 4 of your opponents cards AND get your Coldlight Oracle back into you hand.

Sap is also basically just an Assasinate for 2 mana if your opponents hand is full. It’s also just a great tempo play. Nothing wrong with getting that hand a little bigger 🙂

Now, as the game begins to approach the later stages you’re gonna wanna be looking for Valeera the Hollow as she is one of the key pieces to obtaining the goal. The kill is approaching. You wanna hold on to one of your 1-mana  Coldlight Oracle from Shadowstep until you play Valeera the Hollow in addition to a regular 3-mana one. 

Now, in for the kill: You equip your Shadowblade which makes you immune this turn, and start playing  Coldlight Oracles, this will allow you to effectively play 3 Coldlight Oracles in one turn resulting in (if your opponent hand is empty and he’s just started taking fatigue damage) 1+2,  3+4 and 5+6 dmg + 3dmg if you get to attack with the weapon. That is a total of 24 dmg in one turn + 7 dmg when u end turn = dead.

Now, this would be the ideal scenario ^

Unfortunately that’s not always how it goes down. Your Post – Valeera the Hollow turns will often be more drawing and stalling.  Vanish is great for use after playing your DK, because your opponent will have had the opportunity to develop a board which you can just vanish away. Maybe throw a couple Eviscerates at his face or some double taunts and just keep stalling until you know you can kill him with fatigue. Calculating your damage is a huge deal while playing this deck. It may surprise you how many times one can miss lethal while playing this deck. I sure know i have 🙂

It’s a hard deck to play and i’m FAR away from being anyway near playing it perfectly, but the most important part is to have fun! Right?

Now about some of the cards and why they are/aren’t there:

Counterfeit Coin is there for 2 reasons: When you constantly draw cards for both players you will eventually overdraw yourself aswell. It’s a good card to keep the hand size a little smaller. It is also a great combo activator for your combo cards like Vilespine Slayer or Eviscerate

Fan of Knives is simply in there to reach my main cards earlier. It may seem weird to apply additional draw when your entire deck is built around drawing, but belive me, it SUCKS when those Oracles won’t appear.

Same goes for Bloodmage Thalnos. Great in combo with the damaging spells, but also good to get one card closer to the goal.

Shadow Strike is such a strong removal card, and it just contributes so well to the stalling plan. Many possibilities with this card. Especially post DK.

Skulking Geist is great against Priest and Druid. Not just because it removes Jade Idols and other 1-mana spells, it also brings them closer to fatigue, which is a huge advantage.

Tar Creeper is a solid taunt minion which will help you stall out the early game and remain safe a bit longer.

Prince Valanar is a card i never thought i would include in a deck, but he turns out to be pretty good in this particular build. He provides both taunt and healing, which is really helpful.

Honorable mentions and replaceables:

Gadgetzan Ferryman: I originally included this card in the deck, but i figured 4 bounces (6 if you include Vanish) is enough.

Saronite Chain Gang: This is the card that probably was hardest to decide either to include or not. It’s so strong with the bounces, and with 2 bodies it might actually be better than Prince Valanar. Maybe i’ll include it after all..

The Curator: Now, this card is actually REALLY good in this deck, considering it both has taunt AND guarantees you to draw one of the Coldlight Oracle. Still i found it a bit too slow. You want those murlocs before turn 7. 

Oh man, this card is so good. I still can’t decide if i should include it or not. The potential is INSANE, and it can also provide me with a 3rd 1-mana cost Coldlight Oracle just to put the frosting on the cake. Turns out it’s a bit to inconsistent unfortunately. Side note: This is probably my favorite Rogue card!

So, there you have it! This is my interpretation on how to play the deck and how i (currently) like the list 🙂

Hope you’ll get to test it out and have as fun as i’m having with it!

Enjoy 🙂

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