Druid Crazy Gonk OTK

Class: Druid - Format: raven - Type: combo - Season: season-61 - Style: theorycraft

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Last year some people managed to make Gonk work, but then Druid had everything to survive and pull out any kind of crazy combo.

Also other combos with Malygos, or Toggwaggle were better. 

Now that Druid has no removal or ramp people forgot about it but there is a new card that might make the combo work better than before, Mad Summoner. 

Here is the combo, you play Gonk, then duplicate it with Floobidinous Floop and play Mad Summoner that summons 7 Demons for your opponent. Finally play 2 pounce to get your attack to 4 and kill the 7 Demons. Then you get to attack 7 times in your opponent’s face for 28 damage. 

Of course the Combo is unplayable for 10 mana but if you discount Gonk to 0 with dreampetal florist or get 2 pieces of Combo with Gepetto Joybuzz, it works fine. Finally, if you have more than one discount you can duplicate 2 gonks or add Claw or hero power to go well above 30 damage. 

This decks may only work if some control Warrior or Mage decks start taking over the meta because Druid right now has almost no early defensive tools and no removal to fight any kind of Aggro or Midrange Deck. 

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