Control Baku Hunter (Witchwood April 2018)

Class: Hunter - Format: raven - Type: control - Season: season-49 - Style: ladder

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An experimental Baku hunter deck that focuses on board control and hero power.

Utilize the hero power every turn to the best of your ability. 3 damage a turn is only 10 turns of pressure if they don’t have any healing capabilities. Use Blackwald Pixie and Clockwork Automaton to further this pressure behind your taunt minions. Save your Candleshot and Hunter's Mark for lethal minions who could do a lot of face damage. There are only five beast cards in this deck so be aware when you use Kill Command , for it could either further pressure on opponents face or eliminate threats depending on the situation.

I am thinking about adding Crushing Walls and replacing a single Furious Ettin.

This deck has a hard time against the new Armor/Hadronax Druid since the pressure goes way down with a bunch of armor to shield face. The hero power doesn’t care about the taunt minions though so it is still effective to an extent.

Let me know what you think in the comments section! I am currently hovering at 50% win rate with this deck and am looking for solutions to bring it up from there.

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  1. KujouJ
    May 14, 2018 at 11:51 pm

    Consider dropping Swamp Leech x2, Clockwork Automaton x2, Furious Ettin x2.

    Swamp Leech is an okay 1 drop but get’s eliminated by a lot of hero powers, spells (mortal coil), weapons, etc.
    Clockwork is a 5 mana 4/4 which is extremely weak even for doing 6 damage for a total of 7 mana.
    Furious Ettin is inconsistent with the fact that you struggled against aggro. It’s a 7 drop that might not get played before you lose out the game.

    You should add things that correlate to having early game control since you won’t have any board clear cards. Firefly x2, Unleash the Hounds x2, Animal Companion x2

    Firefly will get you a 1/2 body on the first turn as well as another 1/2.
    Unleash the hounds can contest a lot of the aggro steam people play on.
    Animal Companion is an extremely strong curve card with an ability to play a chance for a charge for trading or face, taunt minion for more defense, and a 2/4 body that can buff up an Unleash the Hounds or pushing extra damage on lets say a Tar Creeper.

    I would consider dropping Jeweled McCaw x2 for Eaglehorn Bow x2 as well as Mind Control Tech x2 for x2 of more early drop control. A possible x2 Stitched Tracker can find you more safety into curves or if you’re really having a hard time against aggro, Phantom Militia.

  2. Raven
    May 2, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    With 15 standard games I got a 67% winrate, this deck does great against other control, but I find it struggles in early game against aggro. Otherwise it does fine as far as I can tell. Thnx for this deck 🙂

    • DukeStarswisher - Author
      May 3, 2018 at 6:32 am

      Glad to hear someone is doing well with this! My winrate with this is abysmal now with the current stagnant meta. Aggro is just to prominent and I find myself needing to play the same. If you have made any substitutions, let me know!