Baku’s Sorcerer ft. Elementals

Class: Mage - Format: raven - Type: midrange - Season: season-49 - Style: fun

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General Mulligans

Definitely save the Arcane Artificers until later in the game. They are big targets and will be annihilated at first chance

Surrounded by floating books and flapping pages, the Mage pours over tome after scroll in order to find the hidden mysteries within. A light flashed from outside the tower window, and the sound of thunder followed soon after. Suddenly a CRASH! and the Mage was flung to the floor. The books all dropped at once, making even more noise. “Someone, or something, is on the roof”, the Mage thought to herself as she stood up and dusted herself off. She exited the study via the trapdoor and climbed the winding staircase to the roof. Out into the pouring rain she conjured a light and faced a face which she thought would be her last. “Have no fear, sorcerer”, spoke a  giant, green eyed serpent that had wound itself around the entire tour. “Have only the power which I grant you of my own free will.”

This is an odd-only midrange/control Mage deck with Elemental synergies. 

—-How to Play—-

Baku the Mooneater gives Mage a pretty powerful hero power, which allows her to make good value trades and push face damage. 

The elemental package is pretty straight forward: play an elemental each turn if you can. This is made possible by Firefly‘s and the Servant of Kalimos‘s extra elemental’s. Tar Creeper and Glacial Shard help keep you alive in the early game, while Arcane Artificer can give you some extra armor in the late.

Ending with Frost Lich Jaina is really powerful, and is a great way to refill that life bar. And Alexstrasza helps to close out the game. 

—-Card Considerations—-

Honestly, as cool as Black Cat is, there are only 4 damaging spells in the whole deck, and since they’re AoE they might not even need the extra boost. The Cat is in here primarily as draw and a solid body for 3 mana. The same goes for Mana Wyrm; there’s a good chance it won’t get bigger than a 1/3. I’ve considered taking it out, but it usually scares enough people into wasting removal on it. Also, there aren’t many good 1-drops in Mage I think.

I only have 1 copy of Arcane Tyrant and Blazecaller each, or else I would probably have 2 of each.

Also, I don’t have Baron Geddon, but he would probably work really well in here. 

Before I had Alexstrasza, I had Dragoncaller Alanna, but I never ended up using her. Speaking of big spells, one problem is grabbing Arcane Intellect with Dragon's Fury. This would be (and has been) a huge let down. One way to remedy it would be to take out the 3-cost card, or to hope shuffling in 5 cards with Deck of Wonders gets you a high roll. 


Thanks for checking out my deck! I hope you like it, and if you have any suggestions or improvements please leave a comment!

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