Warlock Zoo (Discard) Deck List Guide (March 2017, Standard) – Season 36

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Warlock Zoo is a deck list has stood the test of time. Season after season there is always at least one Zoo list or another floating around the meta. The deck has been Tier 1 multiple times, and has only taken a backseat in particularly fast metas. This is not a strictly aggressive deck, it controls the board while eating away at your opponent’s health.

Update – Discard Warlock Zoo in March 2017 – Season 36

Zoo has made a bit of a comeback due to the recent nerfs to Small-Time Buccaneer. I had a version with Patches the Pirate, but that seems to have been a short lived deck. This is a more standard version of the Zoo that is seeing play on the ladder.

This list is based on Zananananan’s version of the deck.

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Standard Discard Warlock Zoo Mulligan Guide and Strategy

The general mulligans for Warlock Zoo are Flame Imp, Possessed Villager, Voidwalker, Knife Juggler, and Dark Peddler. I wouldn’t keep Malchezaar's Imp in your opening hand unless you are keeping a lot of discard cards to get value out of it. You have a lot of 1s and 2s so it’s best not to just sacrifice it in the early game. Keep Imp Gang Boss against Warrior and Tempo Mage, both have trouble dealing with it efficiently and you will usually get a couple of Imps for your troubles.

Discard Warlock Zoo Matchup Win Percentages

Here’s a look at how Warlock Zoo stacks up against other decks in the meta. Thanks to Metastats for allowing us to provide these statistics!

Winrates provided by Metastats

Standard Discard Warlock Zoo Game Play Strategy

Always remember that you aren’t strictly an aggro deck. You should be making trades with your tokens and low cost minions by getting extra value out of them with Dire Wolf Alpha and Defender of Argus. You also need to recognize as the game goes later when it’s time to put on the pressure. Your hand might start to clog up with Doomguard(s) and you’ll need to evaluate when you should start pushing for lethal.

It is also important to know what kind of deck you are playing. Druid is likely running Swipe, while Mage could be running Volcanic Potion. Have an idea of what minions are playable and when to play which minion. If you expect AOE is incoming then it’s better to play a cards like Imp Gang Boss and Possessed Villager that can at least survive most incoming damage or add to the board. Warlock has the advantage of its hero power, but losing a full board can still be hard to come back from.

The new discard element of this deck makes cards like Doomguard even better because it can be paired with Malchezaar's Imp for a double draw or to get a free Silverware Golem on the board.

Positioning is key in Warlock Zoo, you have both Dire Wolf Alpha and Defender of Argus in this list. A general rule is to keep your larger minions on the left and weaker minions on the right. You should also be aware of where you place your Imp Gang Boss because it will always spawn Imps to the right. Silverware Golem is another instance of a card that will be played on the right if it is discarded from your hand.

Standard Discard Warlock Zoo Card Substitutions (Replacements)

With the exception of Adventure cards this deck is extremely affordable and nothing can really be replaced.

Standard Discard Warlock Zoo Combos and Synergies

Darkshire Councilman was not a heavily anticipated card coming out of Whispers of the Old Gods, but once you see it in Zoo you’ll be easily impressed with it. The card pairs great with all of your low cost minions. It is surprisingly hard to remove on curve, and can trade up very well with even big minions.

The nerfed Knife Juggler is still a strong card in Zoo. It works great in this deck especially with Imp Gang Boss or Possessed Villager.

Dark Peddler is a great card that can usually give you something for burst like Power Overwhelming or Soulfire. You can also start grabbing Possessed Villager which is a solid card that can trade up and keep a minion on the board. If you don’t have great options and are expecting big taunts then Corruption can be an option to take.

Malchezaar's Imp is the glue that holds this version of Warlock Zoo together. It works with all of your discard synergy and should be used in the mid-late game.

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Dust Cost: 1,600
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