Theorycrafting Rogue in Darkmoon Faire – How Did Old Gods Influence Valeera?

After reviewing the new cards from the upcoming Darkmoon Faire expansion, I’m pleased to report that Rogue appears to be one of the classes in the top half of potential in terms of what cards it received (and I would be pleased to report that, wouldn’t I?). The greatest potential powerhouse looks to be the Foxy Fraud, but there are a few other tools that Rogues received with applications that might not be as obvious as they first appear. While many entirely new decks might not arise, there are still plenty of spins we can put on existing ideas.

Shuffle Rogue

Starting off with what might be a meme deck, Shuffle Rogue attempts to leverage the power synergy of shuffling minions into your deck with Stowaway to draw them. So long as two of the cards in your deck come from Ticket Master, Portal Keeper, and/or Shadow of Death, Stowaway will be a 5-mana 4/4 that draws 2 cards and puts two minions in to play on Battlecry. The Stealth synergies help cycle faster towards your shuffled payoffs and Malevolent Strike helps you maintain tempo while playing bad cards, like Portal Keepers and Shadows of Death.

Stealth Rogue

This is a standard aggressive Stealth Rogue with 2 new twists: Cloak of Shadows and Grand Empress Shek'zara. The deck is designed to send just about all its damage to face, racing an opponent down quickly. Shek’zara is likely to draw 6-8 damage when played while presenting a large body, helping the deck not gas out from cheap early game. Cloaks of Shadows allow you some breathing room for that extra turn to use more mana, stealth minions, and burn to get the opponent’s face down (just like Ice Block was used by aggressive mage decks), all while they are (ideally) unable to interact with your life total or your damage.

C’Thun Galakrond Rogue

The ultimate in control deck killers, C’thun Galakrond Rogue leverages the synergy with C'thun, the Shattered and Stowaway to find the pieces quickly. Since the pieces are spells, they can Preparationed into play for a tempo boost. The C’thun pieces also reduce the cost of Malevolent Strike, helping you maintain early game control while you assemble your late-game killers. C’thun can even be Shadowstepped for additional damage in the slowest matchups.

Secret Stealth Rogue

The new Inconspicuous Rider could be one of the most powerful cards in the new set, and it synergizes well with Rogue’s tempo-based secrets. It could be the missing link, bringing Stealth and Secret packages together. Bamboozle works well here, as your 1-drop minions (or 3-cost Rider) become even larger, unpredictable threats when the opponent attempts to trade on them to slow you down.

Secret Miracle Rogue

This version of the current Miracle list includes the Inconspicuous Riders for obvious reasons, but also leverages the power of the Foxy Frauds and Swindles to make truly explosive turns happen, all while refilling your resources. Large Questing Adventurers and Edwin VanCleef can close out games quickly, while your resources get replenished with EVIL Miscreant, Swindle, Shadowjeweler Hanar, and Secret Passage. Blackjack Stunners give you great tempo, and Shadowstep allows you flexibility to buy more of these resources.

Stealth Miracle Rogue

Finally, this tempo-based Miracle Rogue list leans more on pure minion pressure and the Stealth package, rather than Secrets. Wriggling Horror might be a sleeper hit of the set, presenting an early-game punch on the level of Fungalmancer from Kobolds and Catacombs. With Stealth minions to buff and steps to buy them back – all while buffing a Questing Adventurer or Edwin VanCleef – this list puts a lot of power into play quickly, and beats people down the tried-and-true Hearthstone way.


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  1. Judain
    November 17, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    Thank u! today im gonna try it all!

  2. Hoobles
    November 15, 2020 at 9:06 am

    Thanks for the article. I enjoy trying out new decks and will be taking all of these builds for a spin on Nov 17!