XL Midrange Undead Shadow Priest

Class: Priest - Format: hydra - Type: midrange - Season: season-106 - Style: ladder

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Being tired of the meta and wanting to play priest, I’m experimenting with this list. 

The idea is to play on curve as much as possible, aggressively control the board with minions and set up deathrattles. Xyrella generates enough value to be our finisher most of the time. 

Depending of the deck you are facing, you should try to ressurect as much as possible of the particular deathrattles you need in this situation. This will affect your mulligan decisions. Against control and attrition match-ups, search for Sister Svelna as fast as possible and try to play around stealing cards and plaguing your opponents win conditions. 

Against aggro, focus on the shadow synergies to lock the board early. Voidtouched attendant is a keeper against aggro, and a combo piece later against slower decks (do not waste it except against druid, attendant + Astalor is a finisher vs paladin and blood death knight). 

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