(WIP) Variety Control Warrior

Class: Warrior - Format: gryphon - Season: season-85

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Control Mulligans

Up to Lord Barov these mulligans are simply your best options against early aggression. The Bulk Up, Feat of Strength, and Scrap Golem are not entirely true. If you think you'll survive early game regardless, you can keep these so you need to find less of the combo and get started sooner. Same principal as combo decks, it's greedy to keep combo pieces but if it works out it's very very valuable. 

tl;dr is play for value rather than tempo, use late game win conditions to finish off annoying meta decks. it is ‘variety’ because of the multiple win conditions that leave this deck without one true identity (it may seem like it tries to do too much, but you go so far into late game that it does not matter). the deck is still in the process of being built, so if you have suggestions for additions and subtractions feel free to share them or try them on your own. 

note: many will likely wonder why I choose scrap golem and not mor’shan when I bang on so much on the ‘value’ drum. Thing is, standard has so much ‘screw your board’ or ‘screw a few of your minions’ that I genuinely believe simply spawning two 10/10s is not a strong enough card effect by itself anymore. The 10/11 gain 10 armor gives value even when they can immediately clear it 10 different ways.

below is a stream of consciousness on the deck and my justifications for what I have. If you take issue with anything I say please feel free to challenge my thoughts and provide counterpoints to them because I am by no means a genius nor do I claim to know everything. 

The purpose of this deck is to stall. The meta is so full of decks that steamroll you just because they drew their cards in the right order. In order to counteract this, we will put up this wall. The core of this deck lies in Feat of Strength/ Bulk Up + Scrap Golem, which by using all 4 of the buff cards will end up giving you nearly +40 life gain in the form of armor. Other than that, we want to clear their board and use our cards at their maximum value.

The deck is called “variety” warrior for a reason. Once you make it late game, you have multiple win conditions. First is the 2 Taurajo Braves + Saurfang combo. The two Taurajos are not fantastic on their own but with our fantastic ability to clear the board nearly every turn you should not be afraid to drop them into an empty board. Their real value comes when you resurrect them, not the first drop. The second win condition is the “play a shit ton of watchposts and then drop battlescar” tactic. We all hate it, but until it gets nerfed its damn effective. The final win condition is C’thun. This deck loves to drag the game out to the final few cards, so for obvious reasons C’thun is a fantastic choice. The C’thun pieces also aid us with removal, allowing us to not worry about grabbing Coerce or Execute.

These win conditions would make you stop and think “is this deck not bloated? it’s trying to do too much in too many different ways that it couldn’t possibly work.” Thing is that would be true if we were playing a squishier hero, but we’re playing Warrior. We gain armor like there is no tomorrow (so we don’t even care that they clear our 10/11 or 16/17 scrap golem, we get the health regardless) and don’t let them win until we can finally draw our win conditions. 


My main worry about this deck is ultra aggro. It does fine against secret hunter and spell mage and secret paladin, but libram gives a lot of trouble. The minions health grows far beyond a rancor + outrider axe + c’thun 3 damage to minion wave. Your only option in those scenarios is to pray you draw enough stall to get your feat + scrap and late game going.

With that in mind you can sub out Shield Slam, Corsair Cache (or Cutting Class. Would not advise dropping both), or Far Watch Post for something along the lines of Bladestorm, Minefield, Corerce or Sword Eater. Sword Eater simply didn’t make my cut in this current iteration but does fit the deck rather well, while I feel bladestorm and minefield don’t do enough compared to the card draw. The card i’d most recommend dropping are the two Shield Slams because they are the newest addition and I’m still not sure on them. They are basically two 1 mana assassinates once you can activate them with your scrap, but not fantastic before that. Perhaps -2 Shield Slam / +1 Minefield +1 Bladestorm would be better.

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