Wild Dragon Reno Priest (K&C)

Class: Priest - Format: wild - Type: control - Season: season-45 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


Here’s my Reno Priest decklist for the new expansion! I’m still going to make changes to the deck, and I’m open to all suggestions!

Notable Combos

DuskbreakerCabal Shadow Priest  = EZ game

Raza the ChainedShadowreaper AnduinSpawn of Shadows + a bunch of cards = OTK

Why this deck?

This deck was originally created in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan meta, but still has the same play style to this day. It was designed to provide a midrange early-mid game with cards like Wyrmrest Agent and Twilight Guardian, and to also provide an effective late game plan with Ysera and Kazakus.

Now that the deck has Shadowreaper Anduin, an OTK is possible finisher when Ysera is ineffective or if you don’t draw it in time. The two new additions I added to the deck are Duskbreaker and Twilight Acolyte. These new priest cards are the reason why I’ve decided to come back to this deck and give it another try in this meta. Duskbreaker effectively replaces Excavated Evil and costs 1 mana less while adding a 3/3 body to the board. Twilight Acolyte acts kind of like Shrinkmeister, but now you can pull off the Twilight Acolyte + Cabal Shadow Priest on any pesky enemy minion. Not to mention, Twilight Acolyte itself is a good “removal” for minions with a strong stats.

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