[Theorycraft] Big Rogue, Tess Edition

Class: Rogue - Format: wild - Type: control - Season: season-49 - Style: theorycraft

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

These cards will give you the capability to cheat out your bigger minions. Generally, you’d always want to try to get these in your mulligan.


Yo, it’s me, a random theorycrafter! Myeh, since all of the Witchwood cards have been released, I found it only fitting to create a few decks before release (as I did last time :3). So without further ado, here’s my take on the Big Rogue, ft. Tess!

Core Mechanics

So generally, Big Rogue seeks to attempt to control the opponent’s board while getting huge swings in value through squeezing out every last drop of the ability to “cheat” out big minions (most notably, Barnes into Silver Vanguard, into KT turn 4-6). My personal rendition of the deck utilizes the capability for Tess to play Deathknight cards as well as Dream cards, from Arfus/Lich King and Ysera respectively.

Win Condition

The deck generally attempts to kill the opponent with big threats that they cannot deal with on the turn they’re slapped onto the battlefield. My deck, as an alternative win condition should the former fail to take effect, wins off of the turn in which you play Tess (and therefore all your previous Deathknight/Dream cards, as well as a select few “burgled” cards you saw fit). The Tess turn should be big enough to allow you to win the game straight away; if not, you could always go back to plan A or Shadowstep Tess for yet another attempt at the Tess Turn 😀


Basically every mulligan is self-explanatory; you want your general cheat hand (Barnes, Kobold Illusionist, Shadowstep, Cheat Death) for almost every situation, as it’s your win-con and you need it to actually win. Against Aggro, look for every removal card in your deck. Against Control, look for the burgle stuff in order for you to get a HUGE swing off of Tess.


Hope ya enjoyed my take on a somewhat unpopular Theorycraft of the set! I had tons of fun creating this deck (especially since as far as I know, the idea of the deck compared to others is few and far between), and although I may not have every piece to the puzzle, it was great thinking of the final outcome :3

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  1. Anton
    April 15, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    I’m fairly sure Tess can play DK but not Dream cards.

    • Helioshadow - Author
      April 20, 2018 at 7:09 pm

      Yeah, tested it, and seemed like it didn’t work. But meh, this is basically a dead guide, so too lazy to edit it x3