Tempo/Burgle Rogue ft. Lilian Voss and Tess Greymane

Class: Rogue - Format: raven - Type: tempo - Season: season-49

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Deck Import


This is a Burgle Rouge with Tempo elements looking to close out the game with Tess Greymane

—-How to Play—-

This is a fairly straight-forward deck, with a lot of luck involved. Firefly is a great turn 1, and it gives you a 1 mana enabler for your combo cards. 

Lilian Voss was a disappointing legendary for many (including myself when I pulled her), but I think she has found her very specific niche here, in this deck. When your hand is full of useless Preparation‘s and Shadowstep‘s, you can re-roll them into something hopefully more useful. 

With your Hallucination‘s, you wanna aim for minions or weapons over spells, generally. This is because Tess Greymane will replay those cards, and a random Fireball might be very dangerous for you and yours. 

Rotten Applebaum is a card I’m testing for this deck. Since Rogue has very few defensive tools (apart from the new lifesteal/burgle weapon that I don’t have), the taunt and gain life combo has been very helpful in some games. 


I hope you enjoy this deck, and please leave a comment or suggestion about my deck below!

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