Renoliakus Mage

Class: Mage - Format: kraken - Season: season-33

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General Mulligans

Kabal Lackey only with Secrets, Volcanic Potion against fast decks, the rest you can always keep.

The Title says it all:Reno Jackson , Inkmaster Solia  and Kazakus  in 1 Deck. What can go wrong? To be honest you will not become Legend with this Deck, because no single Deck can lead you there but that’s another story.

This Deck can survive very easily by a heavy Tempo swing in the early game, stalling to late game until you can play your big minions, like Archmage Antonidas , Ragnaros the Firelord  and Medivh, the Guardian. Inkmaster Solia  and Pyroblast = 7 Mana, 5/5, 10 damage = win?

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