Odd Rouge w/o Blood Knight & Ripper

Class: Rogue - Format: raven - Type: aggro - Season: season-53 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Sometimes live Cold Blood vs. Control and Even Warlock. SI:7 Agent only when you start with coin. Fledgling vs. Mage only if you want to bait removal.

A compromise between old Odd Rouge and new additions.

Ripper and Blood Knight techs removed, in order to keep good old Fledgling and Fox which often provides glorious, game winning cards. 

The only tech is an Owl. You can replace it with Ooze or something, maybe even with a 5-drop.

Before, we had Scalebane as 5-drop, now Giggling Inventors. Thry replace Tar Creeper.

Myra is great when you run out of steam.

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