(Legend) Handlock

Class: Warlock - Format: Dragon - Type: Control - Season: 64 - Style: Ladder

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Deck Import

Greetings.  Chaos1111 here and today I would like to share with everyone the deck with which I to reach the legend this season: the Handlock.  First of all, follow the proof of the legend:


Although I could not statistics since I played by cell phone, I got a score of 18 wins and 13 losses with the deck between ranks 3 to legend (I went from 3 to 2 with Handlock, after 2 to 1 with Cyclone Mage and 1 to the legend with Handlock again), which gives something around 58% of winrate. The deck in no way can be considered meta, although I have reached the legend with it, but have a great matchup against Control Warrior and a even matchup against Mage, two of the most popular classes of the moment. This added to the fact that I have a lot of experience as a Warlock control decks player (having more than 5k of wins, plus 14 legends piloting the Guldan decks), explain the success I had.  That said, I warn you not to waste precious dust on this deck unless you already have experience with the archetype, as every decision made during a match has a big impact on the end result.  If there is interest, I will write a brief guide on the deck. No more to say for now, I hope you enjoy it.

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